We Asked Four Leading Wellness Experts About Setting Intentions For 2023

We Asked Four Leading Wellness Experts About Setting Intentions For 2023
We Asked Four Leading Wellness Experts About Setting Intentions For 2023

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Whether you’re looking to check off a career goal, lose weight, find a significant other, declutter, reduce stress or something else, now is the time to make a plan to make that wish a reality. Because we all know that most people give up on their New Year resolutions before winter has turned to spring, we reached out to four leading wellness experts and asked for their professional insight on how to actually follow through and achieve our goals.

Keep reading for a look at tips and “tricks.”

Have a bold vision.

“In order to set the right intentions, one needs to have a clear vision of the person they want to become or the goals that they want to achieve. The vision becomes the guiding Northstar of the direction in life you want to walk towards and in creating that vision for your life, one needs to be in the proper emotional state, as an elevated emotional state increases, creativity, innovation, and inspiration. I recommend a gratitude practice, meditation, exercise, breath work and time in nature to create a beautiful state in which two create this bold vision.” -Dr. Kien Vuu, MD, aka Dr. V., a concierge doctor and author of Thrive State: Your Blueprint for Optimal Health, Longevity, and Peak Performance

Know your why.

“Knowing your reason for achieving your goals gives you leverage when your mind tries to stop you from taking the actions necessary to reach your goal. We all know we are willing to do more for others than we do for ourselves.  If your goal is to start a business, make a certain amount of money, or  lose some weight, who are you doing it for? Is it to give your children or family a better life? Is it to have a bigger impact in the world?  Know when your why will give you the fuel and motivation necessary to stick with your goals.” -Dr. Kien Vuu

Find a mentor.

“If you have a specific goal you would like to attain, it is often times a lot easier to follow the footsteps of those who have already attain the goal you want. You can learn from their mistakes and their path to success can give you a roadmap to follow.” -Dr. Kien Vuu

Get accountable. 

“When you have someone you trust hold you accountable to your goals, you are more likely to succeed in it. You can find accountability by telling as many people as possible about your goal – either by phone, social media, post or email. You could also reach out to friends or hire a coach to hold you accountable to the actions you must take to achieve your goal.” -Dr. Kien Vuu

Feed your emotions.

“Your emotional state affects your health, performance and likelihood of attaining your goals. Emotions like anxiety, fear and worry decrease creativity and productivity, whereas emotions like joy, happiness and fun, increases your performance at all levels. Two easy practices to keep your emotional state high is a gratitude practice time and serving others. Simply spending two minutes a day focusing on three things you were grateful for the day before skyrockets performance measures in many categories. In addition, helping others is known to reduce stress and informs your mind in spirit that you have everything you need to achieve anything that you want.” -Dr. Kien Vuu

Improve your perseverance.

“It’s easy to say and start something, but when it gets tough it’s also easy to quit. Without perseverance your confidence level will be reduced and depression may set in. To achieve your goals this upcoming New Year make sure you set small goals that can easily be achieved to reach your main goal. Also, plan for a few setbacks as it is part of working towards a better you.” -Tim Flynn, owner of Kato Karate and an expert in teaching children anti-bullying techniques and life skilles “disguised” as Martial Arts

Be confident.

“Being confident starts with showing courage. No matter what situation you are in, stand tall, make eye contact and speak in a clear voice. By doing these simple things, you will look and feel confident in any situation.” -Tim Flynn

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Forget “New Year resolutions.”

“Think instead of New Year Intentions. Making resolutions can become discouragement when expectations are not met or accomplished. We are only human. Intend on pursuing your goals, but give yourself a mental break from judging yourself on whether you’ve accomplished your goal by such and such a date. Give yourself credit for everyone you accomplish and forgive yourself if you miss the mark.  After all, ‘tomorrow is another day!'” -Risa Sheppard, master Pilates trainer and founder of The Sheppard Method


“We’ve all been through a lot these past three years. I for one feel like the pandemic was all a dream and I’m just now waking up. Being forced to close my Pilates Studio and fear of losing all I have worked for all these years was scary to say the least.  Now that I’m up and running, my priorities have changed in so many ways. I’m not as hard on myself to achieve as I used to be. I enjoy the moment more than the destination.  I give thanks for very little thing that comes my way. I put a list of things I am grateful for on my bathroom mirror to read every day. This makes it easier to accomplish with ease all I need or want to strive.” -Risa Sheppard

Be patient. 

“As a Pilates teacher trainer I recognize, understand, and even appreciate my student’s enthusiasm to learn it all right now and their apprehension of how long it may take, but Rome was not built in a day, and neither is our bodies as habits acquired from childhood.” -Risa Sheppard

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Don’t compare.

“With internet influencers, models and movie stars flouting their bodies all over the media, it’s hard not to look at ‘a perfect body’ and want that for ourselves. One must remember that many times the pictures are Photoshopped, or they’ve starved themselves and hired a personal trainer five days a week. Even used makeup to hide their flaws.  It’s time to accept what and who we are and respect our own unique design and birth right. Born with wide hips?  Short torso? Bulky thighs? So what. Learn to accept and love yourself exactly as you are. Merely intend to make those thighs or wide hips the healthiest they can.” -Risa Sheppard

Breathing and meditation.

“There is much emphasis on the importance of proper breathing and mediation.  It requires the person to focus how the air flows throughout their body. It cultivates mindfulness, which brings forth a heightened level of self-awareness.  It calms the nervous system, keep us focused and is the foundation for successful meditation.  The more focused we are, the more mindful we are, the greater with be our work out no matter which direction us.” -Risa Sheppard

Grab a partner.

“Find a friend or family member that shares similar fitness goals. You can help keep each other accountable for staying regular with your workouts, making healthy food choices and staying on track.” –Aimee Nicotera, health and fitness coach

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Make training appointments.

“Schedule your workouts as if they were important appointments at work, school or the doctor’s office. Put them on your calendar, so you know when you plan on showing up for yourself.” -Aimee Nicotera

Track your progress.

“Whether you enjoy new technology that allows you to track everything from your movement, your food intake and your sleeping patterns, or you just like to keep an old fashioned journal…. do it! Reviewing your accomplishments gives you a sense of satisfaction and will energize you.” -Aimee Nicotera

Plan ahead.

“Whether it is laying out your running clothes for the next morning or preparing meals for the week, good planning makes life easier. While we have to be ready to deal with the unexpected, being prepared can save time, effort and reduce stress.” -Aimee Nicotera

Reward yourself along the way.

“Acknowledge the small victories. Buy yourself a new outfit, treat yourself to a massage or take an hour to do an activity you love but usually don’t have time to do. Keep your spirit energized.” -Aimee Nicotera

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