Ashley McBryde Says She Avoids Dolly Parton After Causing Dangerous Accident in Her Home

The singer has been turning the other way from Parton for the last decade.

Ashley McBryde avoids Dolly Parton at all costs these days. In fact, it’s been about 10 years of McBryde walking in the other direction whenever the two are near.

The country singer-songwriter recently sat down with Rob + Holly hosts Rob Stone and Holly Hutton for an interview during the Faster Horses Festival, where they chatted through some of her more embarrassing celebrity encounters.

There was the time her voice cracked while meeting Reba McEntire and Morgane Stapleton. Oh, and the time she put her foot in her mouth by inadvertently insulting John Rich’s whiskey. But nothing is likely to top the time she was technically responsible for setting a fire in Dolly Parton’s lake house.

While the property was undergoing remodeling, McBryde was hired to stay on-site with one of Parton’s nieces to let workmen in and out of the home. Her one job, as she described it, was basically to not mess anything up.

Unfortunately, Parton’s niece—whom McBryde did not name—had other ideas. She put a whole box of bagel bites in the microwave and accidentally set it on fire—in a freshly wallpapered room. “I do take the blame for it,” McBryde admitted, though it wasn’t really her fault.

She even carried the burning appliance out to the driveway but, alas, her heroism wasn’t enough. Parton let McBryde go, though not without a parting gift—the microwave. “She knew that I was poor and didn’t have one,” McBryde laughed. The singer said it still worked, but everything she ever made in it smelled like bowling shoes. That sounds like punishment enough!

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