Ashley Graham’s Lingerie Ad Too Hot for TV

Lauren Tuck
·News Editor

Ashley Graham is so hot right now. She’s in an ad in Sports Illustrated’s annual swim issue and her perspectives on plus-size women and body image are starting conversations. But just because she’s making advances in some sectors, doesn’t mean the paradigm shift is happening across the board. The model’s latest commercial for Addition Elle has been deemed “too hot for TV” — reasons remain unknown, but if it’s banned because of her size, there’s a big problem here.

The video for Ashley Graham lingerie Spring 2015 collection features the model in black lingerie. According to the Canadian company, the 30-second spot was so sexy, it didn’t make it to air. Instead, the brand released the video on the Internet and will air the promo before 50 Shades of Grey and other R-rated films across Canada. Yet there’s nothing in the video that hasn’t been shown on television before making the situation a bit suspicious.

“I don’t understand what is so provocative about a woman walking around in lingerie,” Lisa Granatstein, the editor of AdWeek, tells Yahoo Style. “Since when is that a scandal? Is it because she’s plus size?” Not only has the racy video reportedly been forbidden from networks, but try to watch it on YouTube and it’s protected with an age restriction. Granastein is a bit perplexed by the sanctions. There have certainly been sexier ads aired in the United States, take for example the recent Carls Jr. commercial featuring Charlotte McKinney. Even the Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl spot seemed comparably sexy. “I don’t know if the issue is so much that a woman is walking around in lingerie or it’s a plus size woman in lingerie,” Granastein considers. “I think they went overboard in being skittish.”  

But Addition Elle also hasn’t explicitly said which networks prohibited the ad so this could all be a marketing ploy to drum up some attention for the brand. Either way, the spot is sexy — regardless of Graham’s size — and should be seen by all, no matter what medium it’s being watched on. 

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