Ashley Graham praised for tandem breastfeeding her twins: 'Wonder woman'

Ashley Graham is giving fans a look at what it's like breastfeeding twins.

The 34-year-old model, who gave birth to twin boys Malachi and Roman in January, has been sharing a lot of unfiltered moments in her parenting journey, including those involving breastfeeding. On Thursday night she shared more about what it's like to feed in tandem.

"Double fisting," she captioned a post of the boys feeding, one on each breast.

On her Instagram stories, she posted a different photo of her sitting up in a chair where she fed the boys as they lay on a nursing pillow.

Graham tandem breastfeeding her twin boys. (Photo: Instagram)
Graham tandem breastfeeding her twin boys. (Photo: Instagram)

"My normal position for when I tandem feed the boys," she wrote. "This took me a solid few weeks of trial/error and lots of tears to latch consistently."

While Graham has shared numerous beautifully candid moments from both pregnancy and motherhood since she became pregnant with her first child Isaac, 2, this is one of the first times that she's touched on the difficulty of breastfeeding. The mom of three has otherwise shared her thoughts on breastfeeding in public, saying that she's "not going to to apologize for feeding my child."

In her latest Instagram stories, she gave credit to her doula, who doubles as a lactation consultant, for helping Graham and the babies get comfortable with nursing. The mother said her doula "was so kind and gentle with me in helping all 3 of us figure out how to do this together."

Graham also called the Z Pillow, specifically for nursing moms, "a must if you have twins!"

The model was praised for her powerful display of parenting in her Instagram comments.

"Wow! Any mom who can breastfeed is amazing. Breastfeeding twins? Incredible! It takes so much energy from your body to do so," one person wrote. Another commented, "Wonder woman."

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