Ashley Graham Rocked Leather Pants at Her Sister’s Wedding

Ashley Graham is not your traditional role model — so it's no surprise that she bucked sartorial tradition at her sister's wedding. (Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/adriennelandau)
Ashley Graham is not your traditional role model — so it’s no surprise that she bucked sartorial tradition at her sister’s wedding. (Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/adriennelandau)

Picture this: a bride in an ethereal lace and satin wedding dress stands in a field, holding hands with her dapper groom, who’s dressed in a chocolate-brown suit. The couple is posing for a photo, and the official wedding photographer is in the shot. But, no matter, because she’s the bride’s sister, megamodel Ashley Graham. And while her outfit is far from a maid-of-honor gown — or a wedding photographer getup, for that matter — she still looks amazing.

Clearly, Graham — who last walked the runway at New York Fashion Week, modeling lingerie for Canadian brand Addition Elle — is not beholden to Emily Post-style mores when it comes to what she wears off the catwalk. “When your sis designates you as the official photographer!” the proud sibling captioned the photo, putting all the emphasis on the newlywed. “(Abby’s dress is from a local Lincoln, NE, boutique Ellynne Bridal, size 18/20 — looking AH-MAZING!) #proudsis.”

Because it’s the Internet, though, many users were negatively fixated on the model’s outfit choice, calling it inappropriate. So much so, in fact, that bride Abigail Graham felt it necessary to intervene on her sister’s behalf. She commented:

“hey people who want to dictate what my thoughts are – I asked my sister to take my photos (when the camera dies you improv with an iPhone), I asked my sister to wear that sexy outfit, and I asked my sister to post that photo because her ass looks so good. SO GOOD! IM SO GRATEFUL to have a selfless, loving, supportive sister who took time out of her busy schedule to fly to NE to help me find the perfect dress & then later take MORE time off to fly out for my elopement. Ash, you are the best sis in the world! I’m so thankful to have you as my bestie! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!”

Hearteningly, though, there were also fans who just had to know how to re-create Ashley’s look. One wrote, “@theashleygraham where are your leather pants from? They are amaaazing.” Another pleaded, “Can anyone tell me what brand of jeans is Ashley wearing???”

Though Ashley kept the emphasis on her sister and didn’t pipe up, she did tag her picture to credit the designer of her bombshell outfit: Adrienne Landau. The designer posted a photo of the pair, alongside the caption “The beautiful model & activist @theashleygraham rocking an #ADRIENNELANDAU jacket alongside a beautiful bride!” The front-facing photo revealed that the model was wearing a tight, black bodysuit under her jacket.

So, there you have it. You can duplicate at least the top half of Ashley’s look — at your sibling’s wedding, perhaps? We recommend asking first. Hopefully everyone’s family is as cool as Ashley’s.

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