Ashley Graham celebrates 'feeling sexy in lingerie' in new body-inclusive Knix campaign

Ashley Graham shared photos from her body inclusive Knix campaign. (Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Lifetime)
Ashley Graham shared photos from her body-inclusive Knix campaign. (Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Lifetime)

Ashley Graham is celebrating beauty in all shapes and sizes.

The body positivity advocate took to her Instagram on Monday to post a photo from her new campaign with Knix, where she posed in lingerie opposite five other models, identified as Carly Compton, Korrina Estrada, Tatiana Plascencia, Arielle Estoria and Indi Robinson.

Graham captioned the post, "This is about more than just lingerie, it’s about making sure everyone feels good, sexy, beautiful‼️ it all started with the casting call that I posted on my story and asked 'Why do you want to share your beauty with the world?⁠' We received soooooo many beautiful responses, it was almost impossible to choose only 5. But we did."

Graham added that she "couldn't be happier" to have "these rock stars" by her side in the new lingerie campaign.

"Here’s to constantly proving that feeling sexy in lingerie is for EVERYONE," she concluded. "LOVE YOU GIRLS. #RevealYourself #Knix."

According to a press release from the company, which features everyday undergarments as well as leakproof, absorbent underwear for periods and incontinence, "Knix and Ashley Graham continue to build on their previous narrative that all women deserve to be celebrated and given the space and time to reveal themselves and show their sexual side regardless of their life stage, body type, career, background or ability. This collection was inspired by Ashley Graham's admiration for the art of various bodies and is accompanied by the reliability and comfort of Knix. This collection will shed light on Knix's impact mission to be industry advocates and changemakers and challenge the systemic and normative ideas around what and who is considered sexy. The campaign reminds us that embracing ourselves and celebrating our bodies is always sexy."

In a statement to Yahoo Life, they added, "Knix is thrilled to partner with Global Brand Ambassador, entrepreneur and model Ashley Graham again, this time on their first collection together. This collection reinforces Knix's mission to challenge systemic and normative ideas on what is considered sexy, while reminding women that they deserve to celebrate themselves regardless of their life stage, body type, career, background or ability."

The 34-year-old received plenty of praise for the post. One follower wrote, “I love this, society makes it so hard to be body confident.” Another added, “This is so important to represent.”

Graham, who earlier this year welcomed twins with her husband Justin Ervin, is no stranger to lifting up women and celebrating all kinds of beauty. In 2021, she shared an Instagram post encouraging people to embrace their summer bodies, alongside a nude selfie in which she showed off her stretch marks.

"As the weather gets warmer, I know a lot of people struggle with wearing less clothes and showing more skin," she wrote. "I hope these photos i’ve been tagged in of so many beautiful bodies motivates you to love the skin you’re in. Believe me when i say your body is beautiful, and I know it’s easy to tell yourself the lie that you’re not good enough, thin enough, sexy enough, 'flawless' enough to wear a tank top or a swimsuit, but it’s hot out there and so are you. Don’t let your mind stop you from enjoying your life to the fullest (and remember to say 'I love you' to yourself every day)!"

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