Ashley Graham Just Told Us the Surprising Ingredient She Eats With Yogurt & Popcorn

Plus, the model shared her morning routine, her family’s favorite weeknight dinner and her philosophy for staying active and healthy.

Ashley Graham has become an expert in work-life balance. Since she’s usually busy raising her three kids, hosting red carpets and spreading positivity to over 20 million followers online, it’s on days like today—National Streaming Day—that the model-mogul-mama values some much needed R&R. That’s why Graham has partnered with Danone yogurt brands for their Remix Snack & Streamapalooza event at 5 p.m. EST tonight, May 20.

“Three other content creators and I will be live-streaming on TikTok, chatting about topics that we love like gaming, sports and reality TV and what snacks we like to pair with our streaming sessions,” Graham told EatingWell. “The best thing is people can enter to win huge prizes like the cost of streaming covered for the rest of their lives!”

Leading up to this event, we had the opportunity to interview Graham about everything, from her favorite toppings for yogurt and popcorn to her entire morning routine with her children. She even went on to share her family’s easy go-to for weeknight dinners, plus her own favorite ways to exercise and decompress. Read on for the scoop.

EatingWell: Can you tell me about your collaboration with Oikos, Light + Fit and Too Good & Co.?

Graham: They have all of these Remix snack selections, and they're absolutely delicious. You can go from Light + Fit to an incredible sweet and savory situation for a nighttime sweet tooth. I am so excited to be partnering with them and to be doing the live stream on TikTok with them as well.

EatingWell: What are your favorite toppings to add to yogurt?

Graham: I love any kind of chunky fruit. My top favorites are blueberries, strawberries and mangos. I always enjoy white chocolate chips, too. My favorite of the Remix flavors is the Oikos s’mores. It is so good that I will never let my children eat it—they will literally ask for it all day long. I mean, it tastes like you're eating candy, but you're not. Instead, you're having a gorgeous yogurt.

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EatingWell: Will you walk me through your morning routine?

Graham: I always try to get up before my kids, because there's three of them. And once they're up, you get no time for yourself, so mornings are sacred. I am always mixing it up, because I travel so much. When I'm home, I try to either have a workout or have a prayer session. It really depends on how much time I have. Then, I start breakfast, and I always like to start my day off with hot water. Then, I get my coffee and a hearty, big breakfast. The kids wake up, and we have a big breakfast together. My kids are morning snackers. Even though they'll have a big breakfast, they like a snack afterward, so that’s a great time to give them the Remix. Their favorites are the strawberry cheesecake and the key lime pie flavors. Then, we do a little bit of school… We go and look for worms in the backyard because my kids are nature boys. And usually by the end, I'm on-the-go headed to work, so that's what a snippet of my morning looks like.

EatingWell: What’s your favorite way to stay active on a busy day?

Graham: For me, it's mind, body and soul. If your mind, body and soul are lined up, you know you're going to be set up for a great day. I integrate prayer, weight training and some kind of reading throughout the week, and every morning is a little bit different. I have a really hard time doing the exact same thing every day.

EatingWell: We hear you’re attending the Cannes Film Festival on the 25th. What’s your go-to comfort fit for watching movies?

Graham: I go through phases of wanting to be in oversized baggy sweats, a sweatshirt with no bra and cozy socks on, to just being in a slinky robe. Slinky robe is date night attire, and oversized sweats is also date night attire, just with different intentions

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EatingWell: Is there any snack you can’t watch a movie without?

Graham: I think popcorn is an ultimate fave for me. And I like having all the different mix-ins within the popcorn. I can never go without popcorn.

EatingWell: What’s your favorite topping to put on popcorn?

Graham: Because it can be so salty, I put the sweet in. So, that’s mini M&Ms, peanut M&Ms and a little bit of white chocolate chips. Dang, those white chocolate chips—they keep haunting me, what the hell?

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EatingWell: What would you say is your family’s favorite weeknight dinner to eat together?

Graham: We make pulled chicken sandwiches, and my boys will eat two in one sitting. It is their favorite. They call it ‘The Sandwich.’

EatingWell: How do you make your pulled chicken sandwich?

Graham: You get the chicken nice and tender. You pull it apart. I put it in a barbecue sauce I love inside of the crock pot so that it cooks all day. Eat it on a ciabatta bun. It's like the easiest dinner, for sure.

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EatingWell: What do you do to decompress after a long and busy week?

Graham: There's a few things I do. I do like to just plop myself in front of the TV and have a good old binge. Right now, I'm watching A Murder at the End of the World on Hulu. It is so weird; I love weird fantasy shows. I also love a good acupuncture session. I'm very into acupuncture, so those are my top two.

EatingWell: What does eating well mean to you?

Graham: Eating well to me is a mix of high-quality ingredients and letting myself eat what I want.

Editor’s Note: This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

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