Ashley Graham Expressed Gratitude to Her Postpartum Body In a Series of Instagram Selfies

Ashley Graham wears a red dress against a pink background
Ashley Graham wears a red dress against a pink background


After giving birth to her twin boys, Malachi and Roman Ervin, earlier this year, Ashley Graham thanked her body in a recent Instagram post. On Sunday, the model posted a series of selfies in which she's wearing black underwear and some jewelry, along with a note of gratitude.

"Hi, new tummy," she wrote in the caption. "We've been through a lot. Thank you. #3monthspostpartum." In the series of photos, Graham poses in front of a bathroom mirror with her arm covering her breasts, her hair pulled back, and her postpartum belly on full display. The second photo in the Instagram carousel is a close-up image of Graham squeezing her "new tummy," which has stretch marks.

In response to the photos, followers and supporters of the 34-year-old model showed nothing but love and support in the comments section. "Perfect PERFECT PERFECT ❤️🙌," wrote artist Sara Shakeel, while another user commented, "Always so refreshing to see womens bodies raw, unfiltered and in all its glory 😍😍😍 You absolute beauty @ashleygraham." (Related: Tia Mowry Speaks Up About the Importance of 'Showing the Real You' After Pregnancy)

Since she's always advocated for self-love and -acceptance, it's no surprise that Graham made a point to show appreciation for the changes that come with bearing children. She's shared much of her motherhood journey on social media, including when the twins "extended" their stay past their due date and her experience with postpartum hair loss after giving birth to her first son, Isaac. Through it all, she's celebrated her body every step of the way, as evidenced by the model's latest Instagram posts. (Related: Postpartum Hair Loss Is Real — Here's How to Deal with It)

For example, back in December, Graham posted a nude selfie on Instagram when she was nearly 40-weeks pregnant with the twins, writing, "[My husband] Justin says my stretch marks look like the tree of life." Older Instagram posts show the model showing love to her body through other relatable parts of pregnancy. She previously shared photos of her "preggo yoga" sessions and nights at home with her "well greased belly."

Between her positivity, transparency, and vulnerability, it's safe to say Graham is a breath of fresh air on social media, and her followers can't seem to get enough.