Ashley Graham and Dua Lipa have resurrected this divisive early 00s hair trend

Ashley Graham and Dua Lipa have resurrected this divisive early 00s hair trend

In the grand scheme of things, wearing one's hair parted in a once-dated (yet now, very on-trend) way – aka thee Y2K side parting – is a true generational controversy. But to those keeping up with what's new in the world of beauty, resurrecting such a divisive look is something to be in the know about. You feel me?

And well, what with both Ashley Graham and Dua Lipa rocking the same early 00s look over the weekend, it's clearly a hairstyle to note for 2024.

On Saturday [2 December, 2023], Ashley attended the Balenciaga Fall 2024 show. Of course, all* eyes were on her all-black fashion 'fit, seeing as it was pretty much straight off the runway. *That is all except ours.

ashley graham
Stefanie Keenan - Getty Images

Glam sometimes can go under the radar when a celebrity steps out in a runway-ready outfit. But on this occasion, the model is wearing a hairstyle that cannot go unspoken. IMO, it's giving chic but to some, it may revert you back to your MySpace trauma...

But if you're not 'in the know' with the always topical side vs middle parting debate, then let me fill you in. To put it quite simply, the Gen Z way to wear your hair is to part your locks divided down the centre of the head. Whereas back in the good ol' days, the big 'thing' used to be wearing your hair parted farrrrr to the side – and I mean so far to the point where a part was hardly visible. Combover vibes, IYGM.

And while Ashley's is on the more tame side of things, it's certainly within the side part territory.

As earlier mentioned, it's not just Ashley getting in on the nostalgic look. Just yesterday [3 December, 2023] superstar singer Dua Lipa attended the 3rd Annual Academy Museum Gala wearing a somewhat similar 'do– eye grazin' 'n' all!

dua lipa
JC Olivera - Getty Images

I mean, there's no doubt that both of the star's look stun-ning!

So, I guess they could be onto something... Could you, too, be a side-parting convert? I think I may be...

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