Camping With Dogs is the Very Best Thing on Instagram

Jo Piazza
·Managing Editor

As a brand new camper, I have recently become obsessed with peeping at other campers on Instagram. That’s what led me to Camping With Dogs, my new Insta-obsession. This account is enough to inspire anyone to want to go camping and hiking with dogs, even if they don’t own one. 

Dogs love a good campsite sunrise. (Photo: @dead_head93)

Started by Ryan Carter, the owner of a social media agency in Nashville (and two dogs, Bailey and Cooper), the #CampingWithDogs hashtag has gotten about 31,000 mentions on the social media platform. That’s not counting the people who send Carter direct messages of their dogs out in the wild. In total, Carter believes he has gotten more than 50,000 photos since he launched the account this year.

They never let you forget to take them with you. (Photo: @robinventures)

Carter is helping to organize the first national Camping with Dogs Day on September 5, when groups across the country will organize camping trips with their pets. You can find a group near you here

They make friends with other campers. (Photo: @west_coast_heeler_pack @cn4sh @tyramro @aliciaearle @sumperlance)

Anyone can participate, and it’s really easy. Just go for a hike or go camping with your dog on Sept. 5, 2015, and post about your trip by tagging it with @campingwithdogs #campingwithdogs and using the (in)formal hashtag #NationalCampingWithDogsDay. 

We asked Carter to send over his top Instagram pictures so far from this year. They will make you want to hit the trail.

Dogs celebrate every summit. (Photo: @mikehoderman @ruffwear)

They love hanging out with a view. (Photo: (@loki_the_wolfdog)

Playing follow the leader. (Photo: @isaaclkoval)

Daytime naps in the tent. (Photo: @misshalimarie)

They carry their own gear. (Photo: @mazamadog)

They share special moments. Photo: @kaffegram)

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