Artificial Intelligence Depicts Dog Breeds As Humans and It's Spot-On

This is almost scary.

Artificial intelligence has been making headlines in a number of industries lately, including art. There are so many ways artists are taking advantage of the new technology, and this example from @digital_artist_online is one of our favorites. They used AI to see what certain dog breeds would look like as humans, and the results are unforgettable.

Many dog lovers are seeing a bit of themselves in some of these portraits, while others admit they were imagining something different. However you feel, you have to admit--this AI art concept is utterly brilliant.

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What did you think? Did any of these portraits look like what you thought they would? We, for one, were surprised by several of the AI portraits, but others--like the Poodle and Irish Wolfhound--were exactly what we were expecting.

"Naah," @cappot7 wrote, "Bulldog must be some old Hulk Hogan mustache biker." LOL! To be completely honest, that's what we were expecting for the Bulldog, too. Even if all the portraits didn't match our expectations, though, we agree wholeheartedly with @frankiestar1017 who said, "wow, how artistic and imaginative." It truly is mindblowing how many things AI art can do!

For the most part, this video's comment section is filled with requests from viewers. @Jethrotheyorkie11235 asked, "would you be able to do a Yorkie?" while @aquaroyal_062 wanted a "Chow chow please." Commenter @owl_vr09 even asked for a cat version!

After seeing so many requests, @digital_artist_online practically has to make more videos. We're sure a sequel would be just as popular as this video--it's just so fascinating to watch!

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