Artie Lange Looks Dramatically Different After Leaving Rehab

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Photo credit: Astrid Stawiarz - Getty Images
Photo credit: Astrid Stawiarz - Getty Images

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Artie Lange just gave fans an update on his recovery, and he's feeling positive. The comedian, who has just completed a stay at a residential rehabilitation center, tweeted that he has now been sober for more than seven months, and that he is still taking things "one day at a time." He also shared a photo, in which he looks dramatically slimmer.

Lange, who has struggled with addiction for years and was arrested for possession of heroin in 2017, checked into a long-term center for inpatient treatment in January after being jailed for violating his parole and testing positive for cocaine use.

"I have work to do," Lange said prior to starting treatment. "I feel now I can also stop Cocaine. But that’s arrogance and addiction. I’m accepting help. If I fail now I will go to jail. Jail is not for addicts. But I’d be giving them no choice. When I use illegal drugs I have to score them. That’s breaking the law."

Lange is perhaps best known for his appearances on The Howard Stern Show. Stern wished Lange well during an interview with the New York Times back in May, saying: "I choose my words about Artie carefully, because I love him. What's happening with Artie makes me very sad... We've lost touch, and that's my doing. I got my fingers crossed for the guy."

Lange thanked his fans for their support on Tuesday, and promised that he will be getting back to work soon, with plans to announce new tour dates later this week.

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