Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals New Addition to 'Growing' Family

Arnold Schwarzenegger has excitedly welcomed the newest member of his family!

The Rocky actor introduced the new addition in an Instagram post shared earlier this month, where he introduced, "The family is growing. Meet Schnelly. 🐷."

He shared a photo of himself sitting proudly in an armchair with a tiny dog in one arm and the piglet in the other, a wide grin on his face as he cradled his two tiny pets.

In an interview with Fox 11, the former governor of Calif. shared that Schnelly is already living up to his name—"schnell" means "fast" in German—and is fitting right in with the other animals of the family, including a miniature horse, a donkey, and other dogs.

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Fans loved the unusual new pet, with one writing, "Nice Friends You Have there! Have a Great Weekend, Arnold!🔥🙏."

"Will you adopt me next?" another jokingly requested.

It must be a nice reprieve to have a brand new pet to snuggle in the wake of his pothole war with the city of Los Angeles!

Schwarzenegger isn't the only celebrity to introduce a new pet into the mix this week, with Michael J. Fox and his wife, Tracy Pollanadopting an extremely photogenic puppy named Blue, which fans have gone absolutely crazy over.

He's also not the only one to have such a soft spot for farm animals, with Kevin Bacon being well-known for serenading his goats and miniature horses.