Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Candid on How He Feels About His 75-Year-Old Body

At 75, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still very much a working actor—among his various endeavors—starring in the new Netflix spy-adventure series FUBAR premiering on May 25. However, the bodybuilder-turned-actor is also acutely aware of his age, and like many of us, he's not exactly a fan of getting older.

In a new wide-ranging interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Schwarzenegger was asked what he likes about his 75-year-old body, and in a word: "Nothing!" Although his candor was described as "smiling yet serious," he pulled no punches, so to speak, over his physical state of affairs at this point in life.

"My whole life I look at the mirror and see the best-built man, and all of a sudden I see a bunch of crap. It’s terrible!" Schwarzenegger quipped. "You get these wrinkles under your eyes. You get wrinkles under your pecs. You see the fucking poodle! The poodle? 'Budle.' It’s Austrian for your stomach sticking out. Where the fuck did that come from? It’s not pleasurable. But you cope with it."

Later in the interview, Schwarzenegger was asked about how he once said that death "pisses him off," and whether he had ever attempted any life-extending efforts. But while he may not love the idea of aging, he knows that there's no getting around it.

"No. I never had cosmetic surgery. I never tried any gimmicks," Schwarzenegger answered. "Years ago, I [went to] UCLA, where they have world-renowned experts on aging. I asked if anything has been created, or that is about to be available, that reverses aging. He says, 'Absolutely nothing, end of story.'"

"The only thing you can do is the old-fashioned stuff," he added. "I could wipe out earlier because I smoke cigars, but then it gets counter-balanced by me eating well and then exercising."