Arizona Rescue Makes Plea for Someone to Adopt Dog Who's Losing Foster Family

Ivory needs a safe place to land!

Fostering an animal really gives them a chance to feel love and see a world outside of the shelter walls. It's a great option for those who would like an animal but aren't quite ready to adopt. And we're so thankful for every single foster parent out there who brings these shelter animals into their homes and care for them like those animals are their own.

That's what one couple in Arizona has done with this sweet dog named Ivory. The sad truth is that they've been fostering Ivory longer than expected and they need a new place for her to land as they will be leaving Arizona for the summer. That's why TikTok user @oneloveaz has jumped in to make a plea for Ivory. Take a look!

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Aww! We seriously hope someone will come along and offer to foster Ivory. Better yet, we hope someone adopts her! We just know she'd complete any family that wants to adopt her.

In Ivory's description on the adoption page, it says she does well with humans of all ages. That's great news for a family with kids! Ivory likes to be included in all the activities her current foster family does, including daily walks and cuddling. Ugh, what a love bug! She is also crate-trained and potty-trained. Who wouldn't want this precious pup!?

If you're interested in fostering or adopting, send One Love Arizona an email. Or, check out the One Love Arizona website for more information. Let's get Ivory home for good!

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