Your Aries Monthly Horoscope for January

Photo credit: Getty/Katie Czerwinski
Photo credit: Getty/Katie Czerwinski

From Cosmopolitan

Put These Dates in Your Google Cal rn:

  • January 10: This sounds cliché, but trust your journey

  • January 12: Stand up for yourself

  • January 20: Gear up to make big change

Welcome to 2020, darling ram! Doesn’t this year sound super...~futuristic~? We may not have flying cars yet (annoying), but we do have some extraordinarily important (and super rare) cosmic events that are guaranteed to shake up sh*t in a major way. On January 10, a powerful Lunar Eclipse activates the areas of your chart connected with home and career. This eclipse is the extension of the Solar Eclipse that occurred on December 26, so take a moment to reflect on these past few weeks. What’s changing? Who’s involved?

Remember, Aries babe, eclipses speed up time by perpetuating the inevitable. Sure, the unknown may be scary, but these pivots are written in the stars. Whether you’re moving out, starting a new job, or simply building momentum to initiate change, trust that you’re sailing in the right direction. Onward and upward!

Just two days later, on January 12, Saturn and Pluto form a rare and mighty bond. These two head honchos don’t link up very often (the last time was in the early 1980s), so their meeting is a BFD, and it won’t happen again until the year 2053. So WTF does this mean? Well, Saturn symbolizes tradition and Pluto represents cataclysmic metamorphosis. The world is clearly changing, but your life is, too. Take personal inventory: What’s holding you back from achieving your goals? This is an excellent day to create boundaries between your past and future. Be ready to take a stand!

On January 20, the Sun glides into Aquarius, launching us into a new astrological season. With this humanitarian air sign shifting your focus from career to justice, this is an excellent time to leverage your newfound klout to inspire radical change. Get ready to take action on the causes that matter to you most. If you’ve been looking for the perfect opportunity to be a literal superhero, it’s right here!

Finally, on January 24, the Sun and Moon meet in Aquarius to form a New Moon. Bust out your favorite manifestation techniques to set intentions for the next 28-day lunar cycle. Since this energy is all about “the greater good,” your focus will be on how your choices inform the collective. Whether you’re launching a crowdfunding campaign or taking to the streets with a freshly painted picket sign, let this New Moon ignite your humanitarian instinct.

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