Your Aries Monthly Horoscope for August

Add these dates to your GCal:

  • Sunday, August 8: New Moon in Leo

  • Sunday, August 22: Full Moon in Aquarius 29

  • Sunday, August 22: Sun enters Virgo

How’s it going, Aries darling? Are you feeling…hyped? Of course you are! It’s Leo season, and as the Sun cruises through this like-minded fire sign, your innate passion has been set aflame in some pretty monumental ways. Sparks continue to fly at the beginning of the month, forming a gorgeous bonfire glow on August 8, during 2021’s only New Moon in Leo. With the Sun and Moon working together under this sky, this is an excellent lunation to bring together disparate forces.

Are you feeling a bit scattered? No problem. This New Moon will inspire you to build something that comes straight from the heart. Did you read between the lines? Let me spell it out: This is a terrific time for romance! Perhaps you’ll finally work up the courage to tell your long-term crush how you really feel? Or maybe you’ll be ready to take an existing relationship to the next level by exchanging keys, defining the relationship, or even…popping the question? No matter where you are in your romantic trajectory, under this delicious New Moon, all signs point to yes! Be courageous, Aries love! This cosmos have your back—and no, I’m not referring to us here at Cosmopolitan…though we def support you, too!

Over the next two weeks, the Moon will continue its rotation, forming a powerful Full Moon in Aquarius on August 22. Wait, what was that? Deja vu? Yes, my darling Aries, this is actually the second Full Moon in Aquarius, making August’s mid-month lunation an electric Blue Moon. What does that mean? This lunation will be closing the loop on whatever began on July 22, during the first Full Moon in Aquarius. Consider what was going on in your life during this time: How has that narrative continued to unfold? The Sun symbolizes ego and outward expression, while the sensitive Moon governs our emotional inner world, so this is an excellent time to harmonize wants and needs. What actually matters? Don’t forget: You’re a visionary. If the haters have been getting to you, this is an excellent time to exercise your divine right to slam that “block” button. Buh-bye trolls, see ya never.

Then, just a few hours later, the Sun completes its cruise through Leo and steps into Virgo’s sky, kicking off Virgo season 2021. Both Mercury (the planet of communication) and Mars (the planet of action) are already hanging out in this practical earth sign, so when the Sun joins the party, you’ll experience a cataclysmic shift in energy that’s inviting radical change.

At first, Virgo season’s structured pragmatism may feel like a harsh change from Leo season’s heartfelt bravado, but you’ll quickly realize that Virgo energy is actually quite…well, helpful. Virgo season doesn’t extinguish your flame; in fact, it simply helps funnel your passion into tangible realities. Whether or not you’re currently a student, the end of the month is all about tapping into that “back to school” vibe. It’s time to get organized, Aries! This is an excellent time to begin a morning journal practice, sort through that endless pile of papers, or simply clean up your daily schedule to ensure it’s maximizing your efficiency. Aries, darling, this is about keeping that flame bright and beautiful—we don’t want you to burn out! You got this!

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