Your Aries Monthly Horoscope

Photo credit: Getty/Katie Czerwinski
Photo credit: Getty/Katie Czerwinski

From Cosmopolitan

Your Key Dates

  • September 14: Take out the trash

  • September 23: Focus on your relationships

  • September 28: Put the “best” in BFF

As an Aries, you naturally run hot, so I have no doubt that this summer has been sweaty AF for you! Thankfully, a new, cooler season is just around the corner, which means a whole new chapter is about to unfold. You love “new.’ As the first sign of the zodiac, you’re all about beginnings and fresh starts. Anything is possible this fall!

But in order to make room for fresh opportunities, you must release gunk from the past. The Full Moon in Pisces on September 14 will help you identify exactly what you need to purge. You’re really brave, Aries babe, but you’re no good at goodbyes. I get it, letting go is really scary! Remember that your horizons extend past your vantage point during this season. You may not know what exists on the other side of your current circumstances, but trust that everything will make sense in time.

Have you heard of Saturn, the bossy giant planet known for its “tough love” approach to life? Well it’s been moving in reverse since April 29, which is why your footsteps forward may feel like large steps backwards. Thankfully, on September 18, this heavy-handed planet resumes its normal motion, enabling you to get back on track. You’ll immediately feel a jolt of energy and things will seem easier, so if you’re discussing a promotion with your boss or applying for something, you’re guaranteed to succeed!

The sun shifts into a new sign on September 23, officially kicking off Libra season. Libra is an air sign symbolized by the scales and, likewise, it is associated with balance, harmony, and partnership. Since Libra is your opposite sign, you may be feeling some tension in your relationships. The Sun illuminates the truth, so over the next few weeks, important information about your closest companionships will become evident. Is it time for commitment or closure? Either way, with the Sun activating your partnership zone, it’s a BFD.

Finally, the Moon joins the Sun in Libra on September 28, forming a velvety New Moon. Under this lunation, you’ll be gravitating towards romance. I know you’re ~literally~ perfect just the way you are, but maybe—just maybe!—you can work on becoming a better partner. What can you do to ensure that your relationships are based on a balanced system of give-and-take? Of course, this doesn’t only apply to romance: friendships also require self-awareness. You love to be number one, so at the end of the month, consider ways you can be the best friend and lover around. That deserves a trophy!

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