Aries, Your June Horoscope Says Sparks Are Flying in Your Love Life & Social Life

Gemini season is keeping you occupied with plenty of busy work, social time and romantic prospects, so your Aries horoscope for June 2023 promises a very packed calendar. Your never-ending supply of Aries energy ensures you’ll keep up, though!

The month kicks off with a full moon in adventure-loving Sagittarius on June 3, which helps you to step back to see the big-picture and connect with higher aspirations. These illuminating moonbeams offer you exactly the perspective you need right now—and a lucky lunar trine to your ruling planet Mars adds fuel to your fiery full moon goals. Reach for the stars and allow your desires to take up more space.

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Prepare for your love life to steam up around June 5, too—as romantic Venus enters fellow fire sign Leo’s territory and lights up your flirty fifth house. Your cosmic ruler Mars is also in Leo for the remainder of the month, and having the respective love and sex planets in such a fertile area of your chart bodes very well for relationships, dating and passion in general. Get creative in the bedroom and beyond! Your social life is picking up, too, as chatty Mercury hits your communication sector on June 11. It’s time to get your flirt on, catch up with friends and make more connections with the world around you.

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The new moon in Gemini on June 17 (PT)/June 18 (ET) is the perfect time to connect with your truth and find your voice. Do this by talking through your feelings with a trusted friend or just doing some meditative journaling. Either way, a new moon ritual is a great idea, as it’s also the perfect way to welcome watery Cancer season, which starts on on June 21. Having the sun in sensitive Cancer tends to put you in your feels, Aries, so set aside some time to connect with your emotional side and be gentle with yourself as you transition into summer. You’re not used to being so gentle with yourself, but we all need some added softness and compassion sometimes! You’ll be feeling even more introspective once Mercury joins the sun in your domestic fourth house on June 26, so have some heart-to-hearts or get lost in some nostalgic music or movies that bring you a sense of comfort.

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