Ariana Grande's Wing Collision Didn't Make the Victoria's Secret Cut

Ariana Grande’s performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was one of the many highlights of the lingerie extravaganza. I can tell you from seeing it live, and then again on TV Tuesday night, the broadcast didn’t do the pint-sized pop star’s performance justice. The 21-year-old’s medley of her greatest hits over the past year was so awesome that many of the beautiful models walking down the runway blended into the very bright background.

But news out of London following the taping on Dec. 2 that the that the “Love Me Harder Singer” was smacked in the face by an Angel wing completely overshadowed her act. In fact, people were so excited to see the mishap on television that some even tuned into the show’s airing strictly to see Elsa Hosk’s costume collide with the pop star’s face.

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People on social media sounded off.

What most people don’t know is that the runway walk is filmed twice so Victoria’s Secret can put out a clean and polished show and avoid mess-ups such as this for the final cut. There’s no guarantee that four musical acts and 47 models will get everything totally right the first time!