Ariana Grande Commemorated Sweetener With a Teeny Tattoo

Ariana Grande has four days left on her Sweetener tour, but she's celebrating early with a new tattoo. As Popsugar reports, Grande and two of her producers got matching finger tattoos to commemorate the world tour. Tommy Brown, the producer behind "thank u, next" and "7 rings" shared a hands-in photo of the new ink on Instagram. He captioned the photo "Family Ties."

Grande often switches up her hand tattoos, like last year, when she added a botanical design to cover up a teeny "9 3/4" tattoo referencing the famous train platform from the Harry Potter series. But this accomplishment is worth commemorating permanently.

As Grande stans know, Sweetener was the artist's third album to hit number one on the Billboard charts. It's safe to say that she wants to honor this record-breaking album, plus the 101 tour dates that came after it.

Fans in the comment section are congratulating the hitmakers with cries of "sooo cute" and "love it." One commenter may even have had some insight into Brown's initial hesitation towards the ink, writing "lol I can't believe she got you to do it." We hope the team is all happy about their new tattoos — and proud of the year that led to them.

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