Ariana Grande Asks Fans To 'Please Stop' Leaking Her Unreleased Music

Ariana Grande Grammy Awards red carpet
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This post has been updated since its original publication date to include new info

Ariana Grande has once again begged fans to stop leaking her unreleased music, just five months after she first addressed the music and makeup leaks in a candid YouTube video.

The latest thing to leak is a song that fans called “Fantasize,” which was released last month on Spotify under the name, “But just before I go, there’s something you should know,” by a user called ‘Adriana Venti,’ a not-so-subtle name which we don’t think would have taken fans long to de-code. The song has since gone viral on TikTok and reportedly made it to the Philippines’ Spotify Daily Top Songs list and was streamed more than 70,000 times before it was taken down.

The person who uploaded “Fantasize” to Spotify has reportedly now been fined $10,000 and also has to do 48+ hours of community service, as per their own Twitter post. They wrote: “Hello. As you all know I went to court yesterday. It did not go very well, they pulled up my tweets… the money I made from the songs… and other information… but as they say, play stupid games, win stupid prizes!! Well, I have to pay them $10K and have to serve 48+ hours of [community service].”

Ariana Grande Begs Fans To Stop Leaking Her Music

According to reports, the 30-year-old "Save Your Tears" singer posted a since-deleted TikTok video to explain more about the song "Fantasize." She reportedly said: "Wrote this for a comedy sketch about a girl group. This was the demo I made for them. Please stop spreading leaks. I appreciate it."

In another TikTok comment, the R.E.M Beauty founder added: "Oh this is so disheartening. I was going to come back to this hook to use eventually. I don't know how people are still doing this but please stop."

Ariana Grande First Addressed Leaked Music In April

Ariana Grande first addressed the music leaks in a makeup tutorial and Q&A video that was posted on her R.E.M. Beauty YouTube account on April 17th (and a shorter version on the brand’s Instagram that same day) to celebrate one year of her R.E.M. Beauty brand being at Ulta Beauty. The "Dangerous Woman" hitmaker oh so casually referenced the leak, saying, "You’ve stolen all my unreleased music, it’s horrible," and then continued with her makeup routine, which caused an interesting reaction among her fans, who essentially felt they had been busted for listening to the leaked tracks, but weren’t *too* apologetic about it.

If you’ll recall, Ariana’s unreleased music – both potential new songs, older versions of existing songs, and demos of unreleased songs – were involved in the leak, as were leaks from R.E.M. Beauty, including the brand’s new foundations which were yet to be released. And most fans actually took her comment in jest as she herself appeared to be making a joke about it, with many fans asking how she knew about the leak in the Instagram comments, and others unapologetically saying that they were "starving" and "thirsty" for new music.

In the 11-minute YouTube video, the Wicked star firstly addresses the music leak after mentioning that some of her R.E.M. Beauty products have been leaked, saying, "This is our foundation brush, it’s not out yet, I don’t care. I’m going to use my concealer to do my skin and I’m going to use several different shades. I’ll show you my process. Medium 2N, I’m going to use as my little foundation for now until our foundation is out… which you have seen… and you know about it because someone so graciously leaked it. Love it."

The now blonde singer then added: "You guys have heard every bad song and [expletive] demo that I’ve ever made. Hilarious. It’s impossible to keep things from you." She then said, "You gotta take some swings and misses," as she continued applying her makeup.

At the end of the video, Ariana reads one last fan question, which is: "Any secrets soon to come?" And her reply is priceless! "Hmm… no secrets," she says. "I'm all out of secrets, you've stolen all my unreleased music, it's horrible. You've found out about the foundations." She ended the video by telling fans: "I'm working, you know where I am, you know what I'm doing, you know all of it, you know everything that's going on. There's no secrets with you and I. I miss you guys, though and I love you so deeply."







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Fans React To Ariana Grande's Comment

Perhaps Ariana's casual and almost defeatist approach to the leaks – and her telling fans that she still loves them – was why her fans also reacted somewhat playfully in the comments section to the brand's Instagram post. "Not the 'you've stolen all my unreleased music,'" one fan wrote. "Guys, she knows about the leaked music, hide," joked another, while another added, "Get blessed Ariana literally follows us and she knows what we doing." "She knows about the leaks omg," wrote another, followed by three crying emojis. "How does she know?" asked another fan, followed by the crying emoji, while someone else commented, "She has internet," followed by the crying emoji. "Ariana keeping tabs on us is what gets me," wrote another fan, followed by seven crying emojis.

"I know Ari well enough to know she googles herself," one fan said, while another speculated, "It’s her team doing it," followed by a crying laughing emoji. Others tried to justify the reason they listened to her unreleased music, with one saying, "We’re starving what does she expect us to do," and another saying, "Babe we're sorry about the music but we're thirsty." "We had to feed ourselves Ariana so we looked through the cupboards!" exclaimed another Arianator.

However, other fans didn’t think there was any humor in the leaks, with one fan saying, "It’s not funny stop leaking her music now," and another adding:  "Broke my heart when she said that people were just leaking everything like the foundations and her unreleased music. Like this girl really can't have any secrets or release things on her own it's actually really sad. But can't wait to buy absolutely every r.e.m. product that will come our way in the future."