Area Births, Feb. 1-April 6

Memorial Hospital Shiloh

Cassandra and Ryan Eddington, Pocahontas, a boy, Feb. 11

Jessica and Nicholas James, Belleville, a girl, Feb. 12

Jessica Wade, Collinsville, a boy, Feb. 12

Leah Wolf and Maxwell Schaefer, Belleville, a boy, Feb. 12

Stephanie and Samuel Collings, Belleville, a girl, Feb. 13

Danielle Kalmer and Ben Pingsterhaus, New Baden, a boy, Feb. 13

Kimberly and Blake Luechtefeld, St. Libory, a girl, Feb. 13

Larissa Macy and Robert Hammond, Maryville, a girl, Feb. 13

Symone Riddle, Belleville, a boy, Feb. 13

Taylor Snively and Logan Faughn, Fairview Heights, a boy, Feb. 13

Andrea and Chris Yarber, St. Libory, a girl, Feb. 13

Ela and Michael Buraglio, O’Fallon, a boy, Feb. 14

Megan Jenkins and Dorian Blaylock, Belleville, a boy, Feb. 14

Destany Rodenberg and Austin Sims, Columbia, a girl, Feb. 14

Lauren and Kyle Varble, Bethalto, a boy, Feb. 14

Sarah and Rodney Bingel, Marissa, a boy, Feb. 15

Corinne and Maurice Tubbins, Belleville, a boy, Feb. 16

Brittnee Keene and Tyler Creath, Highland, a boy, Feb. 17

Serena and Anthony Mobley, Carlyle, a girl, Feb. 17

Rebecca and David Shepherd, Belleville, a boy, Feb. 18

Alana and Timothy Simpson, Troy, a girl, Feb. 18

Jessica and Tyler Sinn, Marissa, a girl, Feb. 18

Lauren and Brad Boyer, Belleville, a girl, Feb. 19

Beyhlee Herbst and Jonathan Klostermann, Breese, a girl, Feb. 19

Breana Carter and Austin Hale, Belleville, a boy, Feb. 20

Tamajaih Hoskins and Ahmed Toliver Jr., East St. Louis, a boy, Feb. 20

Christina and Drew Santen Caseyville, a girl, Feb. 20

Corlissa Ellis and Lamont Wallace Thomas Sr., Belleville, a girl, Feb. 22

Rebecca Moore and Sebastian Schlesinger, New Baden, a boy, Feb. 23

Catherine and Joe Soles, O’Fallon, a girl, Feb. 23

Kahvasier Beckman and Brandon Carter-Prewitt, Belleville, a girl, Feb. 24

Madison Hurd and Jacob Craig, Freeburg, a boy, Feb. 24

Mikaela and Brett Peek, Mascoutah, a girl, Feb. 24

Maria Ballard and Donald Ballard III, Troy, a boy, Feb. 26

Molly and Paul McGinthy, O’Fallon, a boy, Feb. 26

Britney Pegg and George Stork, Hecker, a boy, Feb. 26

Dionna Stacker and George Stacker III, Belleville, a boy, Feb. 26

Breanne and Victor Alvarez, Belleville, a girl, Feb. 27

Kali and Dane Miller, O’Fallon, a boy, Feb. 27

Jennifer Fundis and Ronald Burnam, Fairview Heights, a boy, Feb. 28

Lauren and Christo Rice-Sanchez, Belleville, a girl, Feb. 28

Allyson Defosset and Nicole Westerman, Belleville, a boy, Feb. 29

Corlesia McDonald, Cahokia, a girl, Feb. 29

Kristie and Brett Rapps, Smithton, a girl, Feb. 29

Faith Buell and Kyler Wilson, Cahokia Heights, a girl, March 1

Gretchen and Luke Figgins, Lebanon, a girl, March 1

Delaney and Kevin, O’Fallon, a boy, March 1

Hortense and Deitrich Chism, Belleville, a girl, March 2

Mercedes and Deveon Jackson, Belleville, a boy, March 2

Senandra Robinson and Edward Griffin, O’Fallon, a girl, March 2

Keyonna Thomas and Ronald Anthony, Belleville, a boy, March 2

Hanna Guthrie and Chase Wagner, O’Fallon, a girl, March 3

Darnasia Jackson and Damonta Taylor, Belleville, a boy, March 4

Brooklynn Adams and Gavis Gonis, Coulterville, a girl, March 5

Klaire and Reid Millburg, O’Fallon, a boy, March 5

Catherine Couture and Dylan Martin, Swansea, a boy, March 6

Heather Matchell and Jordan Stellhorn, Millstadt, a boy, March 6

Kendall and Robert Watson, Lebanon, a boy, March 6

Danielle and Nathan Wilson, Waterloo, a girl, March 7

Becky and Robert Davis, New Baden, a boy, March 8

Donna and Shane Reymond, Greenville, a boy, March 8

Larisa Dent, East St. Louis, a girl, March 9

Caitlin Jones and Hunter Durham, Shiloh, a girl, March 9

Kristin and Rich Waldrup, Belleville, a girl, March 9

Macy and Joshua Nelson, Fairview Heights, a boy, March 10

Megan and Austyn Winfrey, O’Fallon, a girl, March 10

Kara and Lucas Wise, Lebanon, a boy, March 10

Robbi Ahn and Nick Ketchum, O’Fallon, a girl, March 11

Raevion Carr, Swansea, a girl, March 11

Sarah and Steve Long, Edwardsville, a boy, March 11

Brittany and Cole Schrage, Aviston, a girl, March 11

Brianna Washington and Anthony Williams, Alorton, a boy, March 11

Khayla and Ramero Austin, Shiloh, a boy, March 12

Courtney and Chris Cook, Belleville, a girl, March 12

Olivia Finck and Ramzy Gideon, Columbia, a boy, March 12

Rickeisha Gilliam and Demario Ursery, Belleville, a girl, March 12

Markquasha Haynes and Isiah Graham, Belleville, a boy, March 12

Morgan and Kyle Culli, Mascoutah, a boy, March 13

Darnica Johnson, East St. Louis, a girl, March 13

Staniece Luster, O’Fallon, a girl, March 13

Brandi McNamee and Artis Jones IV, Collinsville, a boy, March 13

Marquetta Mosley, East St. Louis, a girl, March 13

Airin Baskin Sands and Terron Sands, Belleville, a boy, March 14

Endyia Washington and William Straughter, Cahokia, a boy, March 14

Megan and Clark Wisely, Oakdale, a girl, March 14

Chelsea and Monti Bates, New Athens, a girl, March 15

Katherine and Scott Savoie, O’Fallon, a girl, March 15

Ashley Albers and Michael Hill Jr., Collinsville, a boy, March 16

Jacqueline Carson and Javirre Rice Sr., Summerfield, a girl, March 16

Shametrius Pawnell and Eric Jenkins, Cahokia Heights, a girl, March 16

Kayla and Jordan Wolf, Steeleville, a boy, March 16

Natalia Davis and Darris Cole Jr., Brooklyn, a boy, March 17

Aryanna Stell and Shane Johnston, O’Fallon, a girl, March 17

Jessica White and Kaleb Waite, New Baden, a boy, March 17

Haleigh Herring and Steven Forrester, Valmeyer, a boy, March 18

Meagan and Tyler Hurtado, Belleville, a girl, March 18

Kirsten Kinsley and David Walker, Marissa, a girl, March 18

Erika and Bradley Penet, New Athens, a girl, March 18

Tytianna Peoples and Xzavian Johnson Sr., East St. Louis, a boy, March 18

Kayla Hasamear Smith and Daniel Smith, Fairview Heights, a girl, March 19

Brooke and Josh Westenberger, Marissa, boy and girl twins, March 19

Darlene and Jason Budde, O’Fallon, a girl, March 20

Margo and Max Foster, O’Fallon, a girl, March 20

Diandra Hall, Fairview Heights, a boy, March 20

Samantha and Josh Hurst, Columbia, a boy, March 20

Emily Peters and Clay Pollmann, Carlyle, a boy, March 20

Brianna Scott and Richard Kindle, Caseyville, a boy, March 20

Gabrielle and Cameron Fimbres, Swansea, girl and boy twins, March 21

Cara Strotheide and Christopher Tell, Swansea, a boy, March 21

Haley and Kyle Lewman, Belleville, a boy, March 22

Freshon Williams and Eric Nunley, Belleville, a girl, March 22

Elizabeth Young and Nathan Hagene, Pinckneyville, a girl, March 22

Jasmeene Kerby, Belleville, a girl, March 23

Jayla Lewis, East St. Louis, a boy, March 23

Rayona Stidimire and Calvin Outlaw Jr., East St. Louis, a boy, March 23

Monica Brown and Antwon Hayden, Fairview Heights, a girl, March 24

Meghan and Joseph Whitten, Freeburg, a boy, March 24

Tabitha Thompson and Tyrell Nesbitt, Sparta, a girl, March 25

Whitney and James Guithues, New Baden, a boy, March 26

Tashawna Stewart and DeAngelo Crawford, Belleville, a boy, March 26

Brittney Gilmore, Belleville, a girl, March 27

Brooke Hubler and Alex Leiner, Wood River, a boy, March 27

Quinna and Michael Anderson, Belleville, a girl, March 28

Hannah and Chris Hunter, Belleville, a girl, March 28

Chelsey and Cole Wine, Steeleville, a boy, March 28

Chyenne and Austin Hardiman, Scott Air Force Base, a boy, March 29

Eva and Erik Schlemmer Moskodauz, Collinsville, a girl, March 29

Amanda and Nick Torres, Swansea, a boy, March 29

Megan and Thomas McDougal, Sparta, a girl, March 30

Tamyla Reynolds and Jaiveon Patterson, Belleville, a boy, March 30

Kaitlyn Schaefer and Clayton Miller, New Athens, a girl, March 30

Alyssa Roldan and Marvin Manalo, O’Fallon, a girl, March 31

Madison Bullard and Huwemona Griffin, Granite City, a boy, April 1

Zoe Roe-Parris and Charles Parris, Belleville, a boy, April 1

Carly Hamilton and Jason Dennis, Red Bud, a girl, April 2

Christina Rice and Darnell Williams III, East St. Louis, a girl, April 2

Brionna Broaden and Kendall Bedford Jr., Belleville, a boy, April 3

Bennett Dibadj and Tim Gardner III, Belleville, a boy, April 3

Sarah and Devin Ramirez, Scott Air Force Base, a boy, April 3

Cheyeanne Crippen and Austin Thomas, Cahokia, a boy, April 5

Marissa Maier and Michael Herr, Belleville, a girl, April 5

Courtnie Johnson and Nicholas Alsup, O’Fallon, a boy, April 6

Kelly and Mark Mathews, Swansea, a girl, April 6

HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital – Breese

Paige and Lance Morris, Highland, a girl, Feb. 1

Cheyenne Tedrick, Smithboro, a girl, Feb. 2

Desiree and Seth Levi, Highland, a boy, Feb. 7

Megan and Clint Johannes, Nashville, a boy, Feb. 12

Lucy and Matthew Wells, Breese, a girl, Feb. 14

Katelyn and Brady Rakers, Beckemeyer, a girl, Feb. 16

Taylor and Mitchell Kollman, New Baden, a boy, Feb. 16

Kaitlyn and Michael Norman, Breese, a boy, Feb. 18

Emily and Mike Scott, Breese, a boy, Feb. 20

Kayli and Travis Albers, Carlyle, a boy, Feb. 24

Logan and Cody Luitjohan, Highland, a boy, Feb. 26

Mariah Markus, Germantown, a boy, Feb. 26

Erika Kuper, St. Rose, a girl, Feb. 28

Sylvia and Jeremy Weeke, Coulterville, a girl, Feb. 29

Lacie (Davis) and Christopher Turner, Staunton, a boy, March 2

Kylah and Maverick Taylor, Carlyle, a boy, March 3

Jessica and Colin York, Highland, a boy, March 4

Emily and Jerid Dunavan, Highland, a girl, March 5

Michelle and Drew Herzberg, Highland, a boy, March 5

Brittany Watts, Pocahontas, a boy, March 5

Megan and Alan Winkeler, St. Rose, a girl, March 6

Allison and Matt Schroeder, Germantown, a boy, March 6

Molly Nordhaus, Germantown, a boy, March 7

Ashleigh and Brett Yardley, Salem, a boy, March 8

Morgan and Clark Bayles, Flora, a boy, March 8

Alyssa and Jacob Kampwerth, Carlyle, a boy, March 14

Kayce Zeller, Alhambra, a boy, March 16

Rebekah and Dominic Serena, New Baden, a boy, March 17

McKennzie and Braden Clark, Pocahontas, a girl, March 18

Emmalee and Daniel Haege, Nashville, a girl, March 18

Shannon and Ollie Campbell, Centralia, a boy, March 19

Sierra Warren, Odin, a boy, March 19

Allyson and Michael Reckert, Highland, a boy, March 20

Elizabeth Hester, Keyesport, a girl, March 23

Brittany and Brian Middleton, Alhambra, a girl, March 26

Bridget and Drew Koonce, Highland, a boy, March 28