Your Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Photo credit: Getty/Katie Czerwinski
Photo credit: Getty/Katie Czerwinski

From Cosmopolitan

Your Key Dates

  • September 14: Get a grip on your wallet

  • September 23: Celebrate your achievements

  • September 28: Chase the thing catching your eye

Sometimes it’s easier for you to intellectualize than emote. This is a fairly good coping mechanism for when you don't have the energy to deal, but over the next few weeks, as the Sun glides across Virgo, it’s time to get real about your sensitivities. It’s important for you to confront the past right now, including anything that you may have swept under the rug. The skeletons in your closet don’t define you, but they have shaped you. Right now, consider how you can propel forward while looking backwards.

Don’t be surprised if you receive some major financial news on September 14, when a Full Moon in Pisces activates your finance sector. This lunation supports strategic budgeting as opposed to big spending, so this is an excellent time to reflect on your financial circumstances. If you’re afraid to confront your bank balance, don’t worry. Money always ebbs and flows—nothing is set in stone. By setting up responsible systems now (like a daily lunch allowance), you’ll be sure to get yourself on the right track.

Since late April, Saturn—the heavy-hitting, ringed gas giant—has been going retrograde in your psychic zone. Simply put, this has been intense. Perhaps you’ve been having lots of vivid dreams over the past few months, but have had absolutely no idea what to make of them. Fortunately, on September 18, Saturn concludes its retrograde cycle and resumes its forward march. By mid-month, even the weirdest messages will begin making sense. Your intuition is at an all-time high right now, Aquarius love. Your gut will never steer you in the wrong direction.

On September 23, the Sun shifts into Libra, a like-minded air sign. And now—finally!—you’ll enjoy a well-deserved jolt of energy. Over the next few weeks, you’ll feel inspired by your journey and how far you’ve come in such a short amount of time. When the Moon joins the Sun in Libra on September 28, be sure to celebrate your achievements by going far outside your comfort zone. What fun, unexpected activity is catching your eye? Whether you’re making last-minute travel plans or exploring a new part of town, find inspiration in your intellectual wanderlust.

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