Aquarius—Your August Horoscope Says You’re Outgrowing Your Circumstances & Embracing Growth

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Brace yourself, Aquarius, because this month almost guarantees major changes in your life! After all, your Aquarius August 2022 horoscope begins with a massive shakeup that hits close to home, so remember to take care of yourself when the going gets tough.

On August 1, you’re jumping right into the chaos! This is when Mars—planet of conflict—will join forces with unpredictable Uranus in your fourth house of roots and family, which could leave you feeling uncomfortable when you should be feeling safe and protected. It may be time to leave behind some of the constraining belief systems you inherited while growing up, because you’re ready to think for yourself and create your own version of home. You can’t change where you come from, but you *can* change where you’re going! As Venus—planet of love—enters your seventh house of partnerships on August 11, you’re coming to terms with the fact that sometimes your closest allies aren’t the people you thought, but the people you’ve overlooked. Give someone worthy as second shot, because they might just surprise you.

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When a full moon in Aquarius showers you with magic and endless possibilities on August 11, you’ll be in a beautiful position to put your own needs first. Instead of focusing so much pleasing other people, make it a much higher priority to please *yourself*. You don’t have to bend to anyone’s will, especially if it conflicts with your own.

Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.
Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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On August 16, Mercury—planet of communication—will form a trine with innovative Uranus, encouraging you to facilitate healing conversations that can mend problems at home. It’s time to open up and tell someone how you *really* feel, even if it hurts. However, if someone is willing to hold space for you, give them the respect of hearing them out in return. It may lead to something brilliant! Once Mars—planet of passion—enters fellow air sign Gemini on August 20, it will enhance the vibes and put you in the right mindset to party. As Mars moves through your creative and romantic fifth house, it will encourage you to increase your artistic output and find ways to enjoy your life on a much deeper level.

When a new moon in Virgo lights up your eighth house of give and take on August 27, it will encourage you to divest your energy away from what’s been draining you. If you’re not getting something out of a commitment, it may be time to break ties and start focusing on something that has far more potential for longterm growth! As Venus forms an opposition with Saturn in Aquarius on August 28, you’re learning that you can’t force a relationship to work out, especially if not every partner is contributing something to the table. Recognize what is—and isn’t—in your control, Aquarius.

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