Apple Watch X: rumours, price, release date, design and features

 Apple Watch Series 8 against colourful background.
Apple Watch Series 8 against colourful background.

What are the chances we'll see the Apple Watch X in 2024? One hundred per cent. Apple announcing its latest slate of wearables this fall is as sure as death and taxes. The question is, what will it look like, and what features will the new smartwatch have?

Many use the terms 'best Apple Watch' and 'best smartwatch' interchangeably. That's because the Cupertino-based company is well-known for creating desirable products featuring impeccable user experience – what's not to like?

Apple has been tweaking its wearables for a decade, and we can't wait to see what the brand came up with for the big anniversary. The Apple Watch is (in)famous for its iterative design, only applying a few upgrades each year – will 2024 be any different?

Like its big South Korean rival, Apple is also expected to launch its smart ring, dubbed Apple Smart Ring, soon. However, unlike Samsung, there is no official info on when Apple's compact wearable might launch, which isn't unusual for the company.

We listed everything we know about the Apple Watch X below, from expected price and availability information to potential features and more. And just to reiterate, everything in this article is an educated guess at best; Apple never discloses any information about upcoming products ahead of the launch.

When will the Apple Watch X be released?

Apple doesn't ever communicate anything about its upcoming products until they are announced, so don't expect to see the brand tease the release date of the Apple Watch X anytime soon.

The earliest we expect to see any details, including the official release date, is September 2024 at the annual Apple Event, when the brand often announces its new wearables.

Apple's wearables often become available as soon as they are announced, and it's certain there will be a new Apple Watch iteration in 2024, so it's safe to say we'll know everything there is to know about the Apple Watch X in September.

We might catch a glimpse of some of the functionality slightly earlier at WWDC24 in June. WWDC is Apple's developer conference, where it often announces upcoming software changes, including iOS upgrades.

That said, WWDC23 mentioned none of the exclusive new functionality of the Apple Watch Series 9 or the Apple Watch Ultra 2, including Double Tap and offline Siri, so we'll just have to wait and see.

How much will the Apple Watch X cost?

The Apple Watch Series 9 was announced in September 2023 with prices from £399/ $399/ AU$ 649. Apple Watch Series 8 prices started from £419/ $399/ AU$ 629, so the price in the UK went down, while in AU, there is a small price bump.

Based on this, it's almost impossible to say how much the Apple Watch X will cost. Mainline Apple Watches tend to cost similar to their predecessors, but equally, we'd be surprised if Apple didn't raise the price of its wearable in the US for two consecutive years.

Assuming there will be non-LTE and LTE versions available in two case sizes, our best guess of how much the Apple Watch X will cost can be seen below.

Apple Watch X design and features

Health features

Rumour has it that the Apple Watch X will offer advanced health monitoring features, including the detection of sleep apnea and hypertension.

While previous reports hinted at the possibility of blood sugar monitoring being integrated into the wearable, challenges with achieving accurate monitoring have delayed its implementation.

Apple continues to add more health-related features to its smartwacthes, as suggested by a patent for a "wearable device with perspiration measuring capabilities," which would enable noninvasive hydration tracking for Apple Watch, reports FittInsider.


Speculation suggests that magnetic bands and microLED displays may be introduced with the Apple Watch X, although concrete details regarding their inclusion in the upcoming release are yet to emerge.


A MicroLED Apple Watch X would be a real treat, but there are conflicting reports about when to expect this feature to arrive. Some suggest the technology won't arrive on Apple Watches until 2025, while others indicate we might see it this year.

MicroLED technology offers distinct advantages over OLED, including immunity to burn-in issues, precise colour reproduction, enhanced contrast, wider viewing angles, and reduced energy consumption. These characteristics make microLED highly suitable for wearables overall, especially for watches.

One of the stranger rumours suggest future watches could dynamically change dial colors based on objects placed in front of them. The sensor under the display would detect hues for a perfect match. Implementation remains uncertain, given Apple's extensive patenting history.