Apple Users, Watch Out for This Email Scam That Looks So Real It's Scary

Photo credit: Getty
Photo credit: Getty

From Good Housekeeping

If you're an Apple user, here's a new scam to look out for: an official email is making the rounds, targeting customers for their personal information.

Users have been receiving an email with markings that look almost identical to an official email from Apple confirming a recent purchase that they haven't made. From there, there is a link to cancel the purchase if it was unauthorized. Once users click the link, it takes them to a website asking for their name, Apple ID username and password, address, birth date, Social Security number and credit card number.

One women in particular, who was asked not to be identified, told The Morning Call that when she took the email to the Apple Store, an employee told her she had been deceived.

"This is a lesson learned the hard way," she explained. "Apple said even though it looks official, iCloud would never send you a bill. It would come from iTunes with the Apple logo."

In turns out that woman was not the only one who has been targeted by the hoax. Other Apple users have taken to Twitter to warn others of similar email scams.