Apple TV Just Canceled Another Show And Fans Are Not Happy

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Apple TV+ has canceled another one of its original shows—and subscribers are not happy.

Fans have taken to social media to share their frustration that the streamer has axed the Justin Theroux-led drama series The Mosquito Coast after just two seasons and an “explosive” season finale. Apple TV+ joins other streamers that have received criticism as of late for canceling shows before they have a chance to find an audience.

'The Mosquito Coast' Ends On A Cliffhanger

The television adaptation of Paul Theroux's bestselling 1981 novel of the same name followed an idealistic inventor named Allie Fox, played by The Leftovers' Justin Theroux (nephew of the novel's author), who uproots his family to Latin America after becoming disillusioned with the corruption of the industrial world. However, when the United States government pursues the family, they decide to take a dangerous quest through Mexico to evade authorities and seek safety.

The novel was previously the basis of a film adaptation from 1986 starring Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, and River Phoenix. The television series worked as a spiritual prequel to the book and film, with more focus on Allie's wife Margo—played by Melissa George—and more action involving cartels, government agents, and more.

Fan Comment: 'Nooooooooooo!!'

News of the cancelation came just two weeks after the second season's finale, in which the fate of protagonist Allie is left up in the air. “I mean, I guess they leave it quite open, like usual," said Melissa George to Entertainment Weekly. "There's people arriving to the Mosquito Coast that are runaways like us, you know. Boats are coming in. Does that mean that there's other people in a similar situation to the Foxes?"

Unfortunately, it seems, fans will not get an answer—and frustrations have abounded, with some calling Apple TV "Netflix 2.0," in reference to the competing streamer's reputation for canceling original shows before their time.

The original novel's author Paul Theroux recently told Deadline that if there had been a third season, “it would segue into the book itself, and the movie’s search for a utopian community”. He also added, regarding the major question mark the series was left on, "we don’t know at the end of the second season if Allie is part of this, or if Margo is on her own. That’s the cliffhanger."

The Mosquito Coast was created for television by Neil Cross, and also starred Logan Polish and Gabriel Bateman as Allie and Margot's children, Dina and Charlie.