John Krasinski secretly wore a wig during ‘The Office’ — and there’s a hilarious story behind the decision

Dillon Thompson

For fans of “The Office,” there were about 10,000 things that made Jim Halpert such an iconic character.

Among those unforgettable features — along with his deadpans, his ingenious pranks and his incredible penchant for slacking off at all costs — was his hair, which spent much of the show’s run with a floppy, bowl-cut-like style.

It turns out, that hair wasn’t always as real as fans may have thought. Kim M. Ferry, the celebrity hairstylist behind several of the series’ most famous hairdos, recently revealed why John Krasinski, who played Jim, chose to wear a wig during several episodes in the show’s third season.

Ferry recently spoke to Mashable about her time on “The Office,” during which she explained the hilarious way Krasinski managed to get away with wearing a fake hairpiece.

Apparently, the actor wanted to cut his hair so he could appear in the 2008 film “Leatherheads” — despite the fact that “The Office” cast still had to film six more episodes in season 3.

Greg Daniels, the series’ showrunner, wasn’t a fan of the idea though. So, Ferry and Krasinski came up with a plan: They’d give Jim a wig without telling anyone, then convince Daniels it looked good enough to work.

“He paid for the wig — a human hair wig made by a friend of mine, Natascha Ladek, who’s the best wig maker in town,” Ferry told Mashable. “She came in to do a secret little fitting for him, she made the wig, we got it, and it looked amazing.”

The plan was to wait until the next day of filming to reveal the wig, but instead, Krasinski literally got in his car and began driving to Daniels’ office — now wearing his fake hair. Ferry, concerned about the confrontation, hopped in her car and followed him.

When she got to Daniels’ office, he and Krasinski were arguing about the haircut. The conversation got so heated that Ferry thought she might lose her job. However, that all changed when Krasinski revealed that, completely unbeknownst to Daniels, he was already wearing the wig.

“Greg kept saying, ‘No! I would know if you’re wearing a wig,'” Ferry remembered. “So John leaned over the desk and said, ‘No I don’t think you would.’ That’s when he ripped it off and shut it down, and we got to do the wig.”

According to Ferry’s story, that means Krasinski is wearing a wig during the final six episodes of season 3 — including an iconic episode in which Jim styles his hair to impersonate Dwight. (Note to less-obsessive fans: This is the “Bears. Beats. Battlestar Gallactica” scene).

The difference between wig Jim and non-wig Jim seems pretty nonexistent, but Ferry’s story adds yet another interesting wrinkle to one of the most beloved comedies of the century.

Ferry shared plenty of other behind-the-scenes details too, including why Steve Carell’s hair was so slicked back during the show’s first season. It sounds like Ferry wasn’t a fan of the look.

“What I was told was [Carell’s] character in the first six episodes — basically they were going for like a Gordon Gekko [Michael Douglas’ character in the movie ‘Wall Street’],” she told Mashable. “They wanted it to be slick. But I felt like it made him too, I don’t want to say creepy, but it wasn’t flattering.”

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