TikToker realizes hidden purpose behind car door handles: '33 years wasted'

A woman discovered a secret car hack thanks to a hot tip on social media.

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Teacher and TikToker @jmac8781 learned that the handles in the back seat of her car were more functional than she thought. Apparently, the spring-loaded handles for passengers to pull down and hold don’t always need to be pulled. The little-known hack was popularized in a video by @sanne_vberkel. When the teacher saw the tutorial, she was eager to try it herself.

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In the funny video, @jmac8781 watched the hack, then rushed out of her condo to test it out. She busted out of her door, into the elevator and down to the parking lot. The teacher located her car handle and flipped down a tiny flap that released the handle and held it in place.

In the comment section, she explained, “Mine were hidden, and I had to use my keys to pop them out.”

The car hack received 1.5 million views on TikTok.

“Those are really meant to cover the fasteners that attach the handle to the vehicle,” a person suggested.

“Why don’t these things come with instructions!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh, my life!!!!” someone wrote.

“I knew it because I was a very not-calm kiddo in the car,” another commented.

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