This App Will Help You Make Money From Your Useless Amazon Purchases

Photo credit: Jennifer J Taylor - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jennifer J Taylor - Getty Images

From House Beautiful

We've all been there: an Amazon purchase sits in your home and gathers dust while you put off giving it away or returning it. Well, soon you'll actually be able to make money off that unwanted item thanks to a forthcoming app called "Amazon After," Apartment Therapy reports.

Product design engineer Scott Amron of Amron Experimental is the mastermind behind the app, which is still in its development phase right now. Designed to help you easily unload your unwanted Amazon products, the app will already know what you own, and be able to instantly sell, donate, recycle, or rent out what you bought on Amazon.

So how does it work? Amazon After will show you all the items you bought on Amazon, and list them based on how much they're worth. You'll also see how much everything is worth in total. When you click on an item, all of the unloading options will be listed, making it easy to choose what you want to do with your item. Amron also wants to sync the app to Alexa, so you can sell you Amazon items simply by asking Alexa.

If you've purchased an item that's no longer available or super rare, shoppers will be able to make an offer for it directly to you through the app. "So, you can sell without listing for sale. Instantly," the app description page reads.

The website states that Amazon didn't sponsor the app and that there's no existing partnership between Amron and Amazon. While Amazon After still in development, you can sign up to beta test it here.

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