An apartment owner claims they tried to evict their tenant for eating meat

An apartment building owner has sparked a wave ofbacklash after sharing why they tried to evict one oftheir tenants on Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum.“[Would I be the a******] for evicting a tenant whorepeatedly brings non-vegetarian foods into avegetarian-only apartment in violation of thelease agreement?” the user titled their post.The Redditor explained that they “explicitlystated in the lease agreement” that residentscannot have non-vegetarian products .the apartment owner wrote that they recentlyspotted meat in their tenant's grocery bags.“When I confronted her and pointed out thelease agreement, she gave me an extremelybewildered look … She claimed ignorance,which I told her was no excuse whatsoeversince she willingly signed the agreement”.The owner said they asked her to get rid ofthe meat and any other meat items in herapartment — adding that they’d be backfor an “inspection” in three days.“She screamed at me and told me togo to hell, refusing to discard the packagethat she was carrying,” the owner wrote.The owner returned to the tenant’s apartmentthree days later, and found more meat in her fridge.They told the woman she had 15 days to stopbreaking the meatless rule, or face eviction.The post drew more than 650 comments,with the overwhelming majority of userssaying the apartment’s owner wasbeing far too controlling.“You’re the reason that vegetarians and vegans geta bad rep for being preachy. This is god tier preachy.What gives you the right to dictate what someoneeats in their own private space, that they pay for”.Others questioned if the “no meat” lease waseven legal. “That’s such a nonstandard clause thatI have difficulty believing it’s enforceable”

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