AP PHOTOS: Glimpses of Beijing through windows and doorways

BEIJING (AP) — China's sprawling capital city was new territory for Associated Press photographer Tatan Syuflana. Between covering high-ranking officials and capturing the pulse of daily life, the Jakarta-based photographer sought out glimpses of Beijing through windows, doorways and other portals.

A shop worker in a flowing imperial-era robe. Historic portraits of former leaders in a shop window. A rider gazing out from a public bus. A solitary person striking an Instagrammable pose in a stone opening along the Great Wall.

The images show a quiet side to a metropolis of more than 20 million people. The solitude away from the bustle. The silent handlebars of brightly colored rental bikes only hint at the teeming nature of the city.

In some ways, Beijing has the trappings of every other modern capital. In others, it is uniquely Beijing.


AP photographer Tatan Syuflana is on temporary assignment in Beijing.