Anya Taylor-Joy Appears to Confirm Her Marriage a Year After Secret Wedding

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Actress Anya Taylor-Joy attended a recent event with her partner, Malcolm McRae, and in a very subtle interaction, the star appeared to confirm that the two were officially married.

The couple was at the Christian Dior Ready To Wear Spring 2024 fashion show as part of Paris Fashion Week, with Taylor-Joy seated front row with Jenna OrtegaRosalía, Jennifer Lawrence, and more, while McRae sat right behind her.

In a video from the show shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, Taylor-Joy seemed to say in Spanish to Rosalía and Ortega, "Ese es mi marido," which means, "That's my husband." Taylor-Joy is fluent in Spanish as her family is Argentinian, with the actress living in Buenos Aires as a young girl.

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Although the whole interaction was quite casual, for many fans, it created a lot of excitement, as it seemed to be the Queen's Gambit actress' first time publicly confirming their married status in any way.

Last July, various media publications like Harper's Bazaar reported that Taylor-Joy and McRae got secretly married in the United States, with the actress spotted wearing a huge green diamond ring. Despite the reports, the notoriously private couple did not personally confirm the news.

One fan exclaimed on X in response to the new clip, "i cant believe this is how we confirm she's indeed MARRIED oh my god also rosalia saying hi in two languages thats so cute."

Some were shocked that the actress stated McRae's status at all, with a comment reading, "Well we already knew it but can't believe she really confirmed it."

"anya speaking spanish to Rosalia while introducing her HUSBAND and Jennifer Lawrence in the background and they all look so stunning istg what kind of fever dream is that," said someone else.

Throughout all of Taylor-Joy and McRae's relationship, the two have kept it very tight-lipped, with rumors of romance starting in early 2021. The couple subtly made their relationship official on Instagram that summer, before making their red carpet debut not long after.

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