Anxious Reddit parents wonder just how bad the baby formula shortage is and when it will end

Despite Abbott’s plans to reopen, parents remain apprehensive about the baby formula shortage.

A mother of a 3-month-old prompted a discussion in Reddit’s Parenting forum when she posted a Medium article entitled, “The baby formula shortage: How bad is it, and when will it get better?”

“I’m a mom to a 3-month-old, and I can’t imagine how stressful the infant formula shortage would be if it happened while I had just come home from the hospital and was already overwhelmed,” the mom wrote in her post before posting a link to the Medium article.

In the article, supply chain professional and new mom Yusha Hu posited that the shortage was likely exacerbated to unmanageable levels when (understandably) panicked shoppers began hoarding formula.

“Stockpiling can pull forward demand by 12 months or more,” Hu explained. “The effect of the shortage moving from local news to national headlines over the last few days has been to drive up demand to a new peak, way beyond actual usage.”

Hu is confident that once Abbott’s Sturgis, Mich. plant reopens, the formula shortage will recover in three to four months. The shortage began when Abbott Laboratories shut down its Sturgis plant, the largest formula-making plant in the country.

The plant closure was due to a voluntary recall after a class-action lawsuit claimed the company’s formula, Similac, made babies sick.

Fortunately, Abbott has reached a deal with the FDA to safely reopen the plant within two weeks.

However, it could still be another six to eight weeks before the formula is back in stores.

‘There are so many social media groups full of desperate moms’

It’s no surprise that parents on Reddit don’t feel any more at ease over the update.

The Reddit poster did add some helpful info for desperate parents, writing, “If you have a specialty formula need, you can contact Abbott directly, and they will send you formula; the FDA allows them to release specialty diet formula on an as-needed basis even though the rest of their facility’s product is not allowed to be released.”

However, another Redditor warned parents about this option. “This formula is from the contaminated supply, though. FYI,” the poster claimed.

Other Redditors shared their personal experiences with the shortage.

“With 40 million people under the poverty level, it’s easy to fathom at least a few million parents having it really bad in the U.S.,” a person commented.

“I’m in Connecticut, and it is awful. There are so many social media groups full of desperate moms,” a user said.

“My husband went to six stores today [and] couldn’t find any of what my baby drinks,” another wrote.

For those in need of baby formula, the Human Milk Banking website and the Department of Health and Human Services have lists of resources available for parents.

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