Anthony Scaramucci tells us his quarantine obsession

Former White House Communications Director tells us his favorite things during quarantine.

Video Transcript

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI: Well, I haven't worn pants in God only knows how long.


I mean, God knows what the hell is going to happen if I have to fit in my pants again.


Hi, everyone. I'm Anthony Scaramucci, and I want to tell you the five things that I'm unbelievably obsessed with since I've been in quarantine. So let's start with food, because I'm Italian. OK, these are maple waffle Quest bars, and I'm addicted to them. These things are phenomenal. I'm having like five of them every six hours, so very, very bad for you if you're eating too many of them, very good for you if you have one.

Now, this is something I love. I'll bring you the box. OK, I'm addicted to this thing. I try to roll on it every single morning. I bought this also from Amazon. It's a Hypervolt 2.0. You roll on that, back, it's beautiful for the posture. It also softens you up. You could need less massages.

I bought these AirPods. See, I'm wearing them in the ears here. They're nice and small. They're like the more expensive ones. I'm totally obsessed with them. You can buy them on Amazon. See how beautiful it is. I listen to music, but it's also for noise cancelation. Sometimes everyone's having a little bit of pandemic insomnia. I just put them in, and I listen to a book tape, which is guaranteed boredom. I fall asleep right away. You know, they've been phenomenal.

I usually use this, but I got to use it as a prop. Look at this. Coming in. Be careful, be careful. Oh, that's a ring light. See that? Now, everybody knows that vain and pain rhyme for a reason, OK? As an example, if he gave me a flu shot, I probably would cry, because I don't like shots. But if you put 26 Botox shots on my forehead, no problem. I can take the pain, because I'm vain. You need a ring light when you're living in quarantine, OK?

I'm actually obsessed with a sex toy, which my wife would kill me, because she's not that into it, but that's fine. But now listen, OK, I sort of feel like sex toys are customized, so go to, and buy yourself the sex toy of your choice so that you can have a lot more fun in quarantine. Thank you so much for checking out my quarantine obsessions in New in the Q. I'm Anthony Scaramucci, a product endorser for Quest, ring lights, AirPods, sex toys and foam rollers.