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This clever $8 mirror is small enough to fit in your pocket or wallet: 'Perfect for travel’

If you've ever needed to touch up your makeup, adjust your contacts or fix your hair while you were out and about and nowhere near a bathroom, you've likely wished you had a mirror in your back pocket. Well, now you can have just that! Amazon shoppers have discovered the Anthony Noble & Co. Pocket Mirror, which is so compact it can fit in a credit card slot in your wallet or on the back of your phone.

This handy mirror is as small as a credit card!
$8 at Amazon

Customers are in awe; one calls it "perfect for travel." Made from high-quality stainless steel, the mirror is essentially unbreakable. One end has a handle that makes it easy to slide in and out of your wallet without getting fingerprints all over it. And it comes with a faux leather carrying case to prevent scratches.

Because of its tiny size, the handheld mirror is the perfect item to pack for all types of travel because you can pull it out to get ready on a plane, train or in the car. It’s also ideal for camping and hiking trips when you won’t be near a bathroom for long periods of time. And it's just as great to keep in your purse or gym bag for everyday use.

Have mirror, will travel. (Photo: Amazon)

“This is a really good quality, durable, unbreakable mirror,” raved one shopper. “My image does not look warped and the color is no different than looking in a standard glass mirror. The faux leather case seems durable as well. The size is perfect and easy to carry in my pocket or purse.”

Another wrote, “It's perfect in my phone wallet. I slide it in a credit card slot partially sticking out so I can check my makeup in an instant. Love this gadget.”

“This little gadget is perfect for me not screwing up my goatee when I travel. It is durable, does what it is supposed to, and all I can say is get the one with the little handle because I wouldn't want to try and wrestle this thing out of the cover without it,” noted a third.

What are you waiting for? You can check your hair, perfect your makeup or grab that rogue poppyseed in your teeth, at any time, for a mere $8.

Look your best everywhere you go with this compact pocket mirror.
$8 at Amazon

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