Ant-Man's Director Just Solved a Long-Running Marvel Mystery

Sam Warner
Photo credit: Disney
Photo credit: Disney

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If you ever wondered just who Falcon (Anthony Mackie) was talking to on the roof of Avengers HQ in Ant-Man, the mystery has finally been solved.

Director Peyton Reed has cleared up a question that has intrigued fans for five years, confirming in the process that one key Marvel character had a secret cameo in the movie.

Answering a fan question on Twitter, he replied: "Great question. He's talking to Natasha."

So there you have it – Black Widow appeared in Ant-Man without any of us realising it. Very sneaky, Marvel.

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That isn't the only question that Reed has answered of late. The director recently revealed to another fan that he hasn't ruled out bringing back villain Sonny Burch for the third movie.

"There's always a chance," he replied.

In other Black Widow news, star Scarlett Johansson has opened up about being "second choice" for the role after first pick Emily Blunt was unable to take on the part.

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"The best call you can receive is after you are rejected for something and then you get it," she said. "You appreciate it more. I've basically made a career out of being second choice."

She added of being "really excited to work with" director Jon Favreau before she was cast: "I said, 'If this doesn't work out, I'm an actor for hire, so call me anytime'."

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