Anonymous customer drops $2,500 tip for haircut

An anonymous barbershop patron in Denver has given humanity a little bit of hope.

Ilisia Novotny, a stylist at Floyd’s 99 Barbershop, remembered the customer

coming in towards the end of her shift...

on the first day the salon

was allowed to reopen.

Novotny told the Denver Post

that when the man went up to pay,

he said to her, “it’s not a mistake”.

Novotny had no idea what he

was talking about until she saw the

store copy of the customer’s receipt.

The man had left Novotny a $2,500

tip on a $27 haircut, as well as a

$1,000 tip for the general manager.

$500 for the receptionist and $1,800 to

be divided up among the 18 barbers

and stylists working at the shop.

“To have someone hand me $2,500, and then

come back to give out such generous tips...

to all my colleagues really just left

me speechless,” Novotny told Fox News.

“After not being able to work for the

last few months I can’t even tell you

how much this means to us all”