Anne Hathaway just gave this outdated retro look a reboot on her patio – and design experts love it

 Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway

Despite being born in Brooklyn, Anne Hathaway is no stranger to SoCal's rolling hills – and her Californian Alpine-style country estate formerly owned by designer Yves Saint Laurent is getting a lot of love after she shared pictures on her Insta feed.

Hathaway is undoubtedly a fully paid-up member of America's movie and fashion royalty, so it is no surprise that her Swiss-style home is a masterclass in chic, exhibiting timeless wood panels on the walls, stone fireplaces, exquisitely chic furnishings, and an earthy color palette.

Though there is strong competition, the stone-covered patio – overlooking the mountains – is our favorite space in the actress' home. The patio embraces homey '70s style with enthusiasm, with wicker furniture and rustic coffee table. We love it. And designers agree. But how to get his 50 year-old trend right in your home?

'The key to good design is striking the right balance between restraint and exuberance,' says landscape designer Nathan Heinrich.

'When you have a space surrounded by handsomely rugged hills that change throughout the day in a beguiling dance of light and shadow, you let them be the stars, and all other elements merely play supporting roles. That's exactly what designer Pamela Shamshiri delivered to Anne Hathaway and her husband, Adam Shulman, in their Southern California home.'

Nathan notes that 'every detail and finish' are carefully selected to create a simultaneously chic and unfussy space – using natural materials (such as wicker and hardwood) to tone down the maximalist patterns and bring a sense of balance to the otherwise dramatic setting.

'None of the single elements scream "Look at me," instead, they each play their own soft note in a melody that is both cohesive and soothing,' he says.

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway

'Mature citrus trees, native oaks, and specimen succulents encircle the terrace's stone retaining wall and offer both privacy and contrast to the earthy elements while perfectly framing the panoramic view of the desert hills.'

The actress chose this outdoor sofa from JANUS et Cie, but similar outdoor furniture is shoppable below.

And, while it is hard to pick a favorite furnishing, we'd have to confess that Anne's coffee table – effortlessly topped with peonies – is hard to rival. Nathan, too admires the  'rough, hand-hewn,18th-century' aesthetic of the piece – adding that complements the organic feel' to the paved backyard. So, of course, we found a similar piece below.

Hampton Bay Brown Wicker Loveseat

With timeless, traditional styling, this wicker loveseat from adds sophistication to your outdoor living space. Its shape is inspired by Anne Hathaway's piece – and while the cushions are notably more pared-back – they are changeable if you so wish.

Brunell Woven Throw Blanket

Love the homey plaid throws on Anne's couches? This traditional Tartan throw is manufactured from 100% Merino lambswool; it's soft, luxurious and cozy, and in warm colors that reflect the color scheming of Anne Hathaway's patio.

Teak Footed Round Trays

Much like Anne Hathaway's designer-approved coffee table, this rustic piece is perfect for holding drinks when dining al fresco. The natural coloring won't fight the more vibrant tones in your yard or on your patio and will stay in style through all seasons.

'If ever there was a more perfectly designed or situated terrace – I have yet to see it,' Nathan says. And what can we say, but we're inclined to agree.