Animal shelter receives $12,000 in donations for rescue dog left blinded by former owners

Chelsea Ritschel
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Animal shelter receives $12,000 in donations after sharing story of dog who was left blind by previous owners  (Helen Woodward Animal Shelter)
Animal shelter receives $12,000 in donations after sharing story of dog who was left blind by previous owners (Helen Woodward Animal Shelter)

An animal shelter has received nearly $12,000 in donations in just one day for a blind three-year-old Labrador/shepherd mix after sharing the rescue dog’s story.

Earlier this week, the Helen Woodward Animal Shelter, Rancho Santa Fe, California, revealed that it had taken in the dog, named Louis, after he was surrendered to the pound by his previous owners, and was preparing him for adoption.

According to the animal shelter, Louis was given up by his owners after they chose to have his eyes removed rather than treat his severe eye infection. However, they then gave him up after they found they were not adequately prepared to care for a blind dog.

Louis arrived at Helen Woodward after he was rescued from the pound by a partner of the animal shelter, at which point the shelter also found he had suffered additional previous traumas, including a broken leg that was left untreated.

The shelter shared Louis’ story this week, after “weeks of recovery and adapting to foster life,” explaining that the rescue pet would soon be available for adoption.

Since then, the shelter said it has been inundated with donations and gestures of support, with countless people reaching out to offer their help caring for Louis.

“Animal lovers across the globe have been calling, emailing, donating, filling out adoption applications and offering services," Helen Woodward said in a statement to People, adding that it has received thousands of dollars in donations in just 24 hours.

The shelter continued: “Offers to sponsor his adoption, to sponsor his food, to sponsor muffin halos/bumper-collars/sonar-collars, to pay for his medical care, and more, are coming from across the country,” as well as from “countries as far away as Spain, Panama, The Netherlands, Chile, and Canada”.

Helen Woodward also said it has received numerous messages “full of heartbreak and anger” from people outraged on Louis’ behalf, with many questioning whether it is possible to prosecute the dog’s previous owners.

Unfortunately, the center says it is unable to identify the former owners, "as with the majority of animals that end up in facilities and shelters across the country, there is no way to access his past history and with Louis unable to communicate, it is impossible to put all the pieces together”.

As for Louis’ future home, the shelter told People that, ideally, the dog’s new owners, who must be patient, loving and willing to put in the effort, will live in a one-floor home with a fenced yard in the San Diego area.

The shelter also said it is looking for a new forever home that has a member who can work from home, as well as another dog, as Louis is enjoying the company of another pet in his current foster home.

You can find more information about adopting Louis or donating here.

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