Animal Sanctuary Makes Desperate Plea to Save Cow Who's Losing Her Home

We hope they can raise the funds they need to rescue her.

Rescue animals come in all shapes and sizes--including big, beautiful cows like Honey. She's currently living alone in Maryland after her owner had to move to a care facility. Her bovine buddy also passed away, so she needs the help of a sanctuary like Rancho Relaxo to give her the care she needs. 

One of the sanctuary's rescue workers, Caitlin (who goes by @boochaces), posted a clip of the big girl to TikTok in hopes of raising awareness. Rancho Relaxo needs to raise the funds before they're able to take her in, and it's up to donations to make it happen.

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Honey is such a gorgeous cow! We fell in love with her almost immediately, but it seems like Caitlin did, too. Obviously, so did all the viewers! 

"Please help this beautiful girl and SAVE HER," wrote @meredithdeferro. You said it! Caitlin did the right thing by turning to social media to raise awareness, and now others are helping however they can. Some people, like @mainsqueeze, simply commented "boost" to give the post more interaction; others gave suggestions for resources.

"I could take her if someone could transport her to VA," @magnoliafarms offered. That would be so amazing! It sounds like Rancho Relaxo wants to help Honey however they can, whether she ends up with them or another caring owner. We don't know what will happen just yet, but we love seeing everyone rallying together for the sweet cow. That's what rescue is all about!

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