Angelababy’s Young Mom Style Is (Mostly) Down-to-Earth

Angelababy does some of her best work when she can control her own narrative. Often referred to as the Kim Kardashian West of China, the 30-year-old model, actress, and April Vogue cover star has more than 7 million followers on Instagram (plus 98 million on Weibo) who track her every selfie. In one instance, she stares directly into the lens, smiling slightly. Her makeup is minimal: a bit of mascara here, a smudge of eyeliner there, to place emphasis on the freshly cut bangs. That’s kind of her thing—subtle beauty moments and dressed-down outfits. Of course, there are countless shots of the megastar styled in gorgeous floor-length Dior gowns, but she also knows how to play up an Adidas tracksuit and looks fantastic in a basic denim-on-denim ensemble.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that Angelababy is a mom now, although you might not guess it from a glance at her feed. After the birth of her son in January 2017, she dialed back her appearances and largely stepped out of the spotlight. Before Angelababy became a new mom, she posted frequent shots from glamorous parties and selfies that featured her bright red lips (and, of course, plenty of photos of cute animals). Her son, whose nickname is “Little Sponge,” is 2 years old now, and it hasn’t been long since the protective mother began posting regularly again. From her latest photographs, one can glean that her approach to fashion has changed, albeit ever so slightly.

Angelababy has always worked with the high-contrast combination of streetwear and princess frocks, but lately, her day-to-day looks have veered even more toward effortlessness. She’s definitely more inclined to show off bedhead selfies and those minimally made-up moments than she had been in the past, but both sides of her style remain ever compelling.

Here, shop three looks inspired by the stylish young mother.

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