Angelababy Masters Airport Style in (What Else?) Dior

<cite class="credit">Photo: Getty Images</cite>
Photo: Getty Images

Celebrities have turned zooming through customs into an art form, but few have mastered airport style as well as Angelababy. The Chinese model-actress is always on the go and whenever she touches down in a new location, she does so in fashions direct from the runways. This morning she headed to Shanghai International airport in a series of statement items from Dior and Balenciaga, including a logo-ed baseball cap and pleated green skirt. Her look was head to toe designer, yet it retained a laid back appeal.

As a luxury brand ambassador, Angelababy regularly wears some of the world’s most exquisite couture, but her off-duty moments can be equally compelling. Her neon tennis skirt, sneakers, and loose-fitting tee are surprisingly easy to emulate. Everyone has a T-shirt and miniskirt in their closet, even if they aren’t Dior. Naturally, Angelababy couldn’t resist adding on a little glitz—a glossy black 30 Montaigne bag—but her everyday pieces stole the show.

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Originally Appeared on Vogue