Andy Samberg Shares Suspiciously On-the-Nose Letter From Childhood Predicting His Future

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The actor was "tripping out" over its accuracy.

Andy Samberg knows the secret to manifestation.

During a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Samberg shared an eerily accurate letter he wrote at 8 years old, predicting his future.

The actor explained that in third grade, he was asked to write what he thought he'd be doing in 20 years.

He held up the adorable letter, which showed that his childhood self knew exactly how it'd play out.

"Andy Samberg will be 28 years old 20 years from now. He will be a comedian and make a lot of money. After he has $1,281,342.42, he will get married and have 2 kids," the note reads.

It continued, "He will make them clean the kitchen while he watches the football game. Since they do so much work, Andy will give $10 a week for allowance. His kids will be happy, his wife will be happy, and he will be very, very happy. The end."

"This is, like, crazy!" reacted host Jimmy Kimmel.

"It's shocking how accurate it was," agreed Samberg.

"You've got a wife, you have two kids. Are they cleaning up while you watch football?" asked Kimmel.

"I mean, my youngest is one and yes!" quipped the former Brooklyn Nine-Nine star.

He also joked that the one difference between what his 8-year-old self envisioned for the future and his current life is that his kids get "everything they ask for all the time."

Kimmel pointed out that Samberg must've been "tickled" when he found the note.

"I was—and I don't put this lightly—tripping out," admitted Samberg.

Samberg has been married to musician Joanna Newsom since 2013. They have two children, who they are rarely photographed with.