Andrew Tate arrested again and will be extradited and charged in the U.K. for sex crimes

Andrew Tate DANIEL MIHAILESCU/AFP via Getty Images
Andrew Tate DANIEL MIHAILESCU/AFP via Getty Images
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Controversial right-wing influencer Andrew Tate will be extradited to the United Kingdom from Romania to be charged with sexual aggression but only after the sex trafficking case in Romania concludes.

The Associated Press reported that the Romanian court granted the request by the British authorities on Tuesday after Tate and his brother Tristan Tate were arrested on Monday evening on arrest warrants from the U.K. The arrests were over allegations of sexual aggression in a case in the U.K. dating back to 2012-2015. Both Tate brothers are U.K. citizens.

A spokesperson for the brothers told AP that the appeals court also ordered their immediate release.

Tate's attorney said the court's decision “provides an opportunity for the brothers to participate fully in their defense” and for the legal process “to proceed in a transparent manner.” Before the ruling on Tuesday, their attorney said that they "categorically reject all charges" and "express profound disappointment that such serious allegations are being resurrected without substantial new evidence.”

The legal representation of the four British women who have accused Tate of sexual assault said in a statement Tuesday that they had urged British police to “immediately seek a warrant” for Tate's detention and extradition over information they received that he might have been planning to run to Romania.

“We are grateful to the British authorities for taking our concerns seriously and issuing an arrest warrant. Tate is accused of serious criminal offenses against a large number of victims and he must be held accountable,” their attorney said.