Amy Schumer Says 'Really Scary' C-Section Took Over 3 Hours: 'I Was Throwing Up the First Hour'

Amy Schumer is opening up about why her cesarean section was no laughing matter.

The comedian, 38, welcomed her first child, son Gene Attell, in May after a particularly trying pregnancy that left the star with never-ending nausea due to a rare condition for expectant moms called hyperemesis gravidarum.

On a new episode of the Informed Pregnancy and Parenting Podcast, Schumer speaks candidly about her pregnancy, including her decision to have a hospital c-section at 39 weeks, after originally seeking a doula-assisted delivery at a birthing center.

“I was throwing up through the first hour of my c-section. It’s supposed to take about an hour and a half — mine took over three hours because of my endometriosis,” she said, “and that was really scary.”

Schumer described how her doctors were “amazed” that she was able to carry a baby with the severity of her endometriosis, which indicated “with no question” that she would need the c-section.

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Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Red State Blue State
Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Red State Blue State

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As she became further along in her pregnancy, she felt an “instinct” that told her she needed to pursue a hospital birth rather than the alternative birthing center she had previously arranged for.

“It was a rainy Sunday and I woke up vomiting and was like the sickest I’d been the whole time,” she said of the big day. “And I was like, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ I was so big and I was so miserable and couldn’t keep anything down.”

During the birth, she said she began to grow “worried” at how long the process was taking, but having her husband Chris Fischer by her side through the worst of it helped her along.

“It was kind of brutal,” she said. “… But Chris was so great — we just stared in each other’s eyes and he just held me there. Then they let me hold Gene for a good amount of time. I got to see him and hold him.”

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Though the Trainwreck actress compared her c-section recovery to “torture,” she said the relief that she felt after giving birth was unmatched — her hyperemesis symptoms instantly faded.

“I had a fresh c-section which had complications [but] I was just so happy,” she said. “I mean, other than just having a baby, which a couple of people told me the day you give birth is the best day of your life, and that was true for me, but that relief.”

Reflecting on the past year, the happy mom recently shared a photo from during the birth, which will be documented on an upcoming HBO project.

“It was a very good year,” Schumer captioned the picture, in which newborn Gene can be seen crying just moments after he was born as the new mom looks at him for the first time.

Schumer previously told PEOPLE giving birth was “terrifying,” if not ultimately gratifying.

“Giving birth is the most terrifying thing you’ll ever do that’s completely worth it,” she said. “Having a c-section was … my pregnancy was so hard, I was just very ready to meet my son.”