Amid COVID-19 crisis, Jewel calls staying home 'a new form of activism'

Music has the power to heal. No one knows that better than Jewel. The Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter and mental health advocate joined Yahoo’s Reset Your Mindset even to share her new song “Grateful” and to discuss her foundation helping kids fight anxiety during the pandemic.

Jewel is no stranger to anxiety, having experienced panic attacks and agoraphobia throughout her life, starting when she was homeless as a teenager. She describes the feeling like a car alarm going off, alerting her body that something isn’t right. Over the years she has developed tools to learn from her anxiety, and she credits them for helping her stay in alignment during the pandemic. “I’m also really grateful that I have developed a mindfulness practice and a meditation practice to help with anxiety and uncertainty,” she tells Yahoo Life. “So I don't feel this is as disruptive as it would have been if I didn't have those skills.”