Amelia Gray Hamlin Calls Out "Judgmental People" Amid Scott Disick Romance

Mehera Bonner
·1 min read
Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

From Cosmopolitan

  • Amelia Gray Hamlin has spoken out about judgmental people amid, well, judgement over her relationship with Scott Disick.

  • Amelia and Scott have an almost 20 year age difference which has raised eyebrows among the RHOBH cast.

Amelia Gray Hamlin just hopped online to call out judgmental people, which is pretty interesting timing considering that she and Scott Disick have been dealing with a lot of judgement from ~the internets~ due to their age difference.

In a post on Instagram Stories (which was captured by a fan account), Amelia wrote "ppl r extra weird and judgmental these days...people can embrace themselves however they feel fit for them at that moment in time. people grow. people learn to love themselves more and more."

Obviously, Amelia didn't mention Scott—so it's possible she's talking about something else entirely—but the post comes amid sources telling The Sun that Lisa Rinna is “worried” for her daughter, and that the couple's age difference has caused raised eyebrows among the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast.

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