Amazon's weekend sales are absolute fire — here are our faves, starting at just $6

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Score everything you need on mega-sale — this weekend on Amazon! (Photo: Amazon)
Score everything you need on mega-sale — this weekend on Amazon! (Photo: Amazon)

Love is in the air! Well, Valentine's Day is, at least — and between that and the big game this Sunday, there's a lot of fun coming up in the next few days. If you're looking for new products (and prices) to fall in love with this weekend, look no further than Amazon's mega sale, including faves like smart TVs, handy vacuums, beauty essentials, and more!

We have all of the best deals right here, so you can spend less time searching and more time shopping...and spending time with your loved ones.

Amazon will give you free shipping on all these sale items, too. But if you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get so much more — from access to new movies to two-day shipping on many items. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here.

Here are our favorite deals:


Get ready to witness some 4K magic. (Photo: Amazon)
Get ready to witness some 4K magic. (Photo: Amazon)

Need to upgrade your TV to 4K, ultra-HD quality? We recommend the Vizio 58-inch V-Series 4K UHD Smart TV, on sale for 25 percent off this weekend!

This V-Series smart TV delivers just about everything you'd want from a 4K set — four times the resolution of 1080p, a full array LED backlight for superior picture performance, an IQ Active Processor to enhance and upscale your favorite HD entertainment to 4K quality, and access to all your favorite apps, movies, shows and more in one place thanks to Vizio SmartCast!

"This TV is a beast! Was looking for something newer to play my PS5 and Series X on. I can absolutely tell a difference in picture quality with this HDR 4K TV, vs the older 1080p TV I was using already," shared one five-star reviewer. "The 'smart' features are pretty cool too, has basically all the top streaming platforms built in. If you're looking for a great TV, I definitely recommend this."

$398 $530 at Amazon

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Headphones, earbuds, smartwatches and tablets

Listen to your music, podcasts, and more like a pro. (Photo: Amazon)
The sky's the limit when it comes to Beats' audio fidelity. (Photo: Amazon)

Whether you're clocking in laps at your local track or want some peace and quiet during your at-home workday, you'll want to have a solid pair of sweat-wicking, noise-cancelling earbuds nearby. Good thing Amazon has slashed the prices of the Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds down to $180 this weekend!

Made in partnership with rapper-slash-ultra-cool-entrepreneur Dr. Dre, Beats is known for making headphones that deliver on both style and sound quality. With over 53,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, you can be confident in their quality — but just in case, here are some sweet facts: they have a nine-hour battery life, they're sweat- and water-resistant, and the experts at Beats even designed the comfy silicone hooks to have the most snug, secure fit possible — yup, that means no more fiddling with your earbuds falling out!

One happy reviewer called them "What all wireless buds want to be when they grow up," elaborating that they're "Hands-down, the best earbuds that I own, and the best that I've used for listening to jazz...There are elements of recordings that I have listened to hundreds of times, that I had never heard until I listened to them on these. Subtle elements, harmonics and the slap of the upright bass. These are the closest that I have heard to being there, without wires."

$180 $250 at Amazon

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This keyboard is Razer sharp on the uptake. (Photo: Amazon)
This keyboard is Razer sharp on the uptake. (Photo: Amazon)

Does your gaming experience need a little upgrade? The Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard is here to help create an immersive all-around gaming experience, and it's on sale for a limited time only for $35 (originally $60). Enjoy ultimate personalization with easy syncing to popular games, Philips Hue, Razer products and gear from 30-plus partners...and keep on gaming, because this keyboard has a two-year warranty and will be your best friend through up to 80 million clicks.

One happy shopper updated their review after a good long workout of the Razer Cynosa, stating "I've now had this keyboard for a year and would not trade it for anything else. It still runs like a dream, with absolutely zero issues. The lighting remains strong, and no keys have needed replacing/repairing. I would give it six stars if possible!" That's the kind of quality and longevity we can get behind.

$35 $60 at Amazon

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Smart home

Keep your nest at the perfect temperature. (Photo: Amazon)
Keep your nest at the perfect temperature. (Photo: Amazon)

Smart devices aren’t just smart because they can connect to the internet or tell you about the weather — the very best devices are designed to help you save money, too. If you're looking for home temperature control to help bring down that fuel bill, check out the Google Nest Smart Thermostat, on a rare sale now for $99 (down from $130)!

This smart thermostat can analyze your home's heating and cooling patterns and then adjust the ambient temp accordingly. In fact, it knows to keep it toasty when your family is home and tone it down when it’s just you. It also automatically lowers the heat when you leave your home for the day. It syncs with your smartphone via the Nest app, too, so now you can control the temperature of your home even while heading home from the store or after touching down at the airport. It’s even great if you’re swaddled in blankets and just don’t want to get up to adjust the temp!

"...I love being in bed and turning it on from my phone, if necessary," shared a delighted five-star reviewer. "Or the heat will kick on when I pull into my driveway. It was very easy to set the program and adjust as I see fit. I think Google does an amazing job of simplifying instruction with quick-to-the-point walk-throughs."

$99 $130 at Amazon

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Dust, dirt, and gunk, begone! (Photo: Amazon)
Dust, dirt, and gunk, begone! (Photo: Amazon)

We're all guilty of letting the dust bunnies pile up when the thought of shoving a heavy piece of machinery into tight crevices feels difficult. Well, this no longer needs to be your cleaning experience. Right now, the Shark IZ362H Anti-Allergen Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum is $250 on Amazon — a sweet $100 off — and it's just what you need to make your chores less of a, well, chore.

This Shark Navigator vacuum provides incredible cleaning performance in an ultra-lightweight vacuum, with a removable battery with up to 40 minutes of runtime, so you should be covered for all the cleaning you need to do in one shot. HEPA filtration and an anti-allergen seal captures and traps dust, allergens, dander and more, keeping them out of the air you breathe.

Based on what five-star reviewers are saying, it's a great bet for home cleaners: "This Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum was easy to assemble. It also easily switches between carpet and hardwood settings by sliding a switch at the top of the handle....[and] between handheld and upright mode.... My wife vacuumed yesterday, and a run through the house with this vacuum today yielded more dust. Either we are big dust creators or this is one efficient vacuum. ;-)"

$250 $350 at Amazon

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Work like a Ninja in the kitchen. (Photo: Amazon)
Nothing stealthy about the deal on this Ninja — it's 25 percent off right now. (Photo: Amazon)

Need to cook for a crew? Pick up the Ninja FD302 Foodi 11-in-1 Pro 6.5-quart Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer for just $150 (down from $200) and you'll be all set to conquer the kitchen!

The Ninja Foodi 11-in-1 combines the best of pressure cooking and air frying all in one nonstick pot to quickly lock in juices and swap lids for a golden, crispy finish. But that's not all: The 11-in-1 versatility offers you endless meal options, from chicken wings to soup to even yogurt, with 11 programmable cooking functions to Pressure Cook, Air Fry/Air Crisp, Steam, Slow Cook, Yogurt, Sear/Sauté, Bake/Roast, Broil, Dehydrate, Sous Vide and Keep Warm.

"What did I ever do without it?" mused one happy home cook. "Wish I had purchased it sooner! It’s great! Love love it! Love the pressure cooker bake and air fryer the most, but I have used it all and it’s great! Told others about how great, and now they own one and they love theirs, too! I got to thank my daughter for this Christmas present. Best ever!"

$150 $200 at Amazon

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Banish all your knots and aches. (Photo: Amazon)
Banish all your knots and aches at an eminently painless price. (Photo: Amazon)

When you’ve been in pain for a long time, you’ll try anything to make it stop — over-the-counter meds, herbal treatments, physical therapy, supportive footwear, acupuncture. Pain can be caused by such a wide variety of problems and manifest in such personal ways that finding a good solution is like finding money on the street: It rarely happens, and when it does, you’re so excited you want to tell everybody who'll listen.

That’s probably why the Mighty Bliss massage gun has more than 9,700 rave reviews on Amazon! It's a cordless electric handheld percussion massager that provides stimulation and relaxation to muscle groups all over the body — including the scalp! And now, thanks to our exclusive promo code (15CDIHG3, applicable at checkout), you can snag it for only $68!

With a 3,700 rpm percussion motor and six different massage heads, it's powerful, versatile, cordless and extremely effective. The Mighty Bliss can be adjusted for speed, so you can customize the intensity for your needs. One five-star reviewer said, “I am EXTREMELY happy with this Mighty Bliss massager...I had injured my back and have used this every day — no joke. In between visits to the chiropractor, I use it regularly...My back is improving tremendously, and I believe this massager has been a HUGE part of the help!”

$68 with promo code $80 at Amazon

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These shoes were made for walking! (Photo: Amazon)
40 bucks off these babies? Game, set, match! (Photo: Amazon)

Many of us are on our feet constantly, whether for work or just doing chores around the house, so it's no wonder that our dogs get tired by the end of the day. The Akk Women's Walking Tennis Shoes are the toe tappers you want supporting your feet — they’ve earned over 15,000 perfect five-star Amazon reviews for their shock-absorbing memory foam that will feel like walking on a cloud. And they come in 36 colors, so you can grab a couple of pairs to match whatever you fancy. Right now, they're on sale starting at $39 with on-page coupon (was $70) so you can't go wrong!

Looking for some five-star reviews? Coming right up: One reviewer gushed, "Oh, sweet Jesus, these are fabulous! I suffer from plantar fasciitis and have had surgery for a torn Achilles tendon so I've got to wear something that has some flimsy flip flops. I bought these to wear as a lightweight house shoe, and I think they'll be absolutely my favorite shoe!"

Starting at $39 with coupon $70 at Amazon

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Bedding and Home

Always feel like you're sleeping on the cool side of the pillow. (Photo: Amazon)
Always feel like you're sleeping on the cool side of the pillow. (Photo: Amazon)

Run hot when you sleep, even with cold temperatures outside? There is a solution that's easier than dragging your bed into the backyard — breathable, cooling sheets. Mega-popular Danjor sheets are made from moisture-wicking microfiber to keep you comfortable all year long. What makes these sheets even more impressive is the price: A six-piece Queen-size set is on sale at Amazon right now for just $20 with the on-page coupon (down from $40), and a King-size set is now only $24 with coupon (down from $40).

This bedding set has everything you need to lie back and luxuriate. You'll get a flat sheet, a fitted sheet with pockets deep enough to accommodate 16 inches of mattress, and four pillowcases. The sheets are super soft thanks to 1,800-thread count microfiber fabric, giving you a silky hotel-bed feel every time you slip between them. A nice perk: They're also moisture-resistant and cooling, just in case you tend to get a little schvitzy in bed.

"These sheets are the best I've ever bought," one happy customer said. "I have been an insomniac since I was 11 years old. I never sleep more than two hours a night. I swear on all that I adore, my first night I slept for six hours...I’m so relaxed. These sheets are so soft. Have that slight heaviness that’s just perfect. I just don’t want to get out of bed. I am seriously in heaven with these sheets, and that’s no joke."

$20 with on-page coupon $40 at Amazon

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Health & Wellness

Mask up and save big. (Photo: Amazon)
Mask up and save big. (Photo: Amazon)

Now is a good time to make sure your mask stock is refreshed — of course, having a ready supply of face masks at home isn't cheap. And, depending on the type of mask you like to wear, it can add up over time. Right now, Powecom masks, one of the only brands recommended by the FDA, are on sale at Amazon for 35 percent off a 10-pack of KN95s.

Powecom KN95 masks are confirmed to filter out 95 percent of particles or more. They have a three-dimensional design that makes it easier to breathe if you need to keep your mask on for long periods. Made of soft cotton, the masks have elastic ear loops and a metal strip for a snug fit over the nose.

One shopper shared, "I love these masks. I am crazy about COVID and check everything. I ran every known test on these masks and they all came up good. I’m a teacher...and I feel as protected as possible with these masks."

$13 $20 at Amazon

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Sports & Fitness

Work on your short game no matter where you are. (Photo: Amazon)
Work on your short game no matter where you are. (Photo: Amazon)

If you're looking to get a jump on refining your golf game for the warmer months, you have to check out the AbcoTech Indoor Golf Putting Green Mini Golf Set, available now for $57 (down from $70) with on-page coupon!

With this compact and portable golf mat, you can practice your stroke from the comfort of your home, office, backyard or anywhere else. Simply open the indoor putting mat and you have a fully functional green! The mat gives you the lifelike feel of grass for a realistic playing experience to ensure instinctual shots while you’re out on course, and with its smart ball return system, your ball rolls back and you don't have to waste time retrieving it, so that you can focus all your energy on playing!

"Very nice to practice on," praised one Amazon reviewer. "I have this out on a cement slab and love it...great to practice on after a rain, great feel for a slow wet green. Gets fast again when dry. I like practicing my 6 footers [with it]."

$57 with coupon $70 at Amazon

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